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Hamilton signs three year contract extension with Mercedes

Seb Scott

Formula 1 Reporter
Feb 12, 2015
Hamilton and Moss Monza.jpg

Reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton has signed a three year extension on his contract with Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team.

Hamilton, who won the 2014 Formula One World Drivers Championship with Mercedes GP, joined the team in 2013 after leaving McLaren where he won his first drivers championship in 2008 after narrowly missing out in his debut season.

With Hamilton already the favourite for the 2015 crown, signing up for another three years with Mercedes means - provided Mercedes keep up their strong form - Hamilton could become a potential six time champion, which would make him the most successful British Grand Prix driver in history.

When his three year extension ends, Hamilton will be 33 years old, some drivers have gone on to race into their 40s, Michael Schumacher retired at 43. It should be noted too that both Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have escape clauses written into the contract, which is rumoured to be worth £27 million pounds a year.
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Aug 3, 2014
Jeez... 27 mil worth escape clauses... some low tier teams could survive with that amount. xD

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