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Half of cars run out of fuel shortly into race

For context I am doing a mixed class race of 43 cars at the Daytona RC. Everything from the IER Porsche's, IER P13C, IER DPs, URD GT Cars and a handful of stock GT cars. (essentially trying to replicate a 2014 Daytona 24 minus the PC class). 12 Laps into the race of 70, half of the cars run out of fuel. I am running with a 2x multiplier for fuel and tired, and a 12x multiplier on the clock itself. I have verified integrity of game files on Steam and this still happens.
Track probably has missing or wrong fuel hints then.

Thanks for the input. However, my own car that I was driving was good to go for 17-20 laps easily (verified this in practice). The prototype cars are limited to only 10-11 (I tested these too) and they stopped for fuel at the appropriate time and even some of these cars ended up suddenly having nothing in the tank.