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GTR2 and Win 7 64 Bit


Aug 30, 2010

Just wondered if anyone has experienced any issues with GTR2 and Win 7?

I have a new build PC arriving at the weekend, running Win 7 64 Bit and wondered if there were any pitfalls I need to try and avoid.

Current machine is Win XP 32 bit, but is now over 5 years old and beginning to show its age, lol, even though GTR2 runs OK.

Jul 8, 2010
i have windows 7..GTR2 start here.
Even if i don't play often GTR2 for tell that is all ok with windows 7, but i think is ok...
Sep 30, 2009
I recently moved to win7 64 os and was nervous about gtr2 and other older programs having issues but so far everything is working just fine. Gtr2 might even run a bit better because of the extra memory avaliable (4gb compared to 2gb in xp).

Oh, one thing in noticed was that win7 saves some grt2 files in your documents folder. The main thing for me was that I have the gtr2.exe to save a trace file and that trace file was saved in the documents folder instead of the main gtr2 folder like it was with xp.

Other than that I have no issues.
Oct 11, 2010
It can happen that after the installation some things will not work here and there in your game, also if you selected "always run as administrator" (make sure to select that btw, or probably your game will not start). The only thing you've to do is to restart the PC, thing not needed with Win XP.

Other thing: you'll now have 4GB Ram, but probably, with very large grids, you'll have some crashes due to "runtime errors".

Download and install "CFF Explorer", open with it the file "GTR2.exe" (it should appear "open with CFF explorer" if you right click on GTR2.exe) go to "file header" -> "click here" -> "app can handle >2GB address space" -> "OK". Then, save and overwrite the original file.

Now, you can run very large grids, with full details (if your graphic card allows that) without problems.

Neil Gault

Feb 21, 2008
Np with XD here on x64 W7 but i do have to run it in windowed mode as it is not too happy dropping to desktop in normal mode.

Günthar Rowe

Feb 24, 2008
Think I sorted the XD issue in Online races. Join a server with drivers last night with no CTD :) I was running the Map plugin too, which was very good, but at this point am happy to have XD + Online going :)
Feb 27, 2009
I run win7 on x64 without any problems. In the beginning i had to run it in the XP compatible-modus. Don't no why, but now it seems to be running just fine for serveral month.

Be sure you make a fresh installation.


XP compatible modus; because GTR2 didn't start up @ beginning. After fresh installation it did.
After that i had some problems with my steering device (G25) and the internet connection to the lobby room.
But i think Win7 doesn't occur this problem.


Sep 25, 2010
Hi All !
Have GTR2 already installed on my Win7 x64 computer. It works very well with Admin' rights and only after the No-CD patch installed.
Nov 20, 2010
Halo Stefan
não sei se o mesmo que jogo meu nome Guaracy Chagas tenho problema no windows 7 64bits instalo tudo normal quando vou para a versão 1.1 ele volta para configuração de tela e não roda tenho tudo para o windows 64 bits + sou obrigado a usar 32 bits e to perdendo 2gb de ram
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