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GTR Evolution MMG F1 2007 mod preview

Rhys Gardiner

Jul 8, 2008
Formula Fun!!

I don't suppose there's much point in telling you what the subject of this preview is. You've probably already deducted from the cheap rhyming and alliteration gags in the title, and the screenshots included, that this large block of typing is about the most anticipated and hyped community-created addon for GTR Evolution. Yes, that's right, I said hyped. But this doesn't carry a negative connotation: for once you should believe the hype. MMG F1 2007 for GTR Evolution, from special access to the beta version, will be in my opinion the greatest open-wheeler mod for GTR Evo when it's released. Like, in the history of ever. Many of you who play rFactor will know the three letters of MMG well. You may recall their first mod, F1 2007, being released last year for that game to much applause. It took a while for them to bring it out, but as far as I can see it was worth the wait. MMG's attention to quality and accuracy was evident in their first release, but unfortunately those of the rFactor community whose patience was of little quantity grew hateful of this new modding group. The rest of us (namely the remainder of the rF community and the majority of GTR Evo players) can't understand why this is so, but we can understand that these sorts of things take time. Especially when staff can leave without notice. MMG have many projects planned, and they are progressing along fairly well. One of these projects is bringing the F1 2007 mod to GTR Evo; however, this is no mere conversion. New physics, new almost everything - all except the models are being done from scratch. It looks set to be quite an addon for the game. So what am I rambling on for? I should be getting to the meat of this preview...

First off, the cars themselves. It's safe to say that they look very close to completion. Every single car looks exactly as it should - perfectly proportioned, with almost every last detail covered. The huge polygon count makes the cars'quality seem more than most of the stock cars in the game. Every single exterior part of the cars are modelled, right down to the suspension struts, but surprisingly it is very efficient on frame rates. There are still some issues with flickering reflections, especially on the McLaren - but you can bet that the guys are working on that as I type. Quality is apparent in every part of the mod's physical content, and every single bit of it will carry over to release. Next up, the driving. Well, what more can I say than that it's a phenomenal experience? In cockpit view, I can immediately see that the MMG staff have, for the most part, already sorted the cockpit problems. When changing gear, the virtual driver still reaches down to grasp at a non-existent gearstick, and there doesn't appear to be any MoTec display or change-up lights on the wheel, but again, this is only the Beta, so knowing these guys, you can be sure that it'll be sorted by release. The physics are spot-on, compared with the existing F1 mods for GTR Evolution. With the existing two legal mods currently floating around, the cars are complete monsters to drive, let alone go fast in. At the slightest touch of the throttle, you would be facing the other way - so I couldn't help but feel apprehensive when approaching the MMG cars. However, once I'd spent some time with them, I found them quite enjoyable to drive. Without giving too much away, the cars are surprisingly easy to keep under control, a quick reaction time and a smooth hand being all that's needed. They're still going to make you pay if you're too eager, but it's a lot more enjoyable and forgiving overall. Bringing cars out of pitlane and thrashing them around circuits like Hockenheim, Monza, Magny-Cours and Melbourne, it's impossible not to notice the epic effort put into the Public Edition cars. Again without giving too much away, every car feels different, and each engine sounds different. You can tell which cars are using Ferrari engines, which ones are using Toyotas, which ones are using Renaults... and every one is unique, with their own idiosyncrasies, their own foibles, their own strengths and weaknesses. The Honda despises bumps. The Ferrari screams at you to push the limit lap after lap. And the McLaren is smoother than silk. And that's not including the other cars, no two being the same.

The League Edition is also quite good. The physics need a little getting used to, but all cars are equalised for online and league racing, and this can only be a good thing. I mean, who wants to see an online field full of nothing but Ferraris and McLarens? And the accuracy of the performance - nothing short of mindboggling. Lap times are perfectly within range of real life, cars differing in speed with the Public Edition, and the acceleration and braking figures are teetering on perfection for a modding group that must not have been in contact with the teams themselves. This mod is right on the money.

Well then, that's that, basically. You've been given a sneak peek into just how much work, time and dedication has gone into these cars, and the phenomenal result. If there's anything else to say, it's that this is big. This is fat. This is epic in almost every way, and release is closer than you think - much closer. Naysayers beware. MakCorp, formerly MMG, may be taking their time bringing this mod to you - none of us will deny that - but it's because this mod will undoubtedly be the best ever for GTR Evolution. The physics, the presentation, the experience - everything seems perfect. We've just got a little way to go until you can be downloading the first GTR Evolution offering from MakCorp's modding department. And that's just the start - I have seen with my own eyes the things that these guys are doing and have planned, and to put it simply it would blow you away, as it has with me.

You ain't seen nothing yet.


Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Very well written Rhys :thumb:

I hope the shifting animations can get sorted with the release of the Formula Master. It's a real pity to see that poor driver reaching for the stick that is not there :)

PM send to Michael Schumacher: "you can do your laps here to warm-up for the next GP"


Sep 25, 2008
Nice preview and update on progress Rhys.

This is a mod I've been waiting for since it was first announced. It sounds like pateince will be it's own virtue.


David Zafiu

May 12, 2009
We thank you the same Rhys.Really a helpful preview that makes me go crazy:alien2: when i'm thinking that i am on circiut,and i am sure that the MMG will do the best for the mod.
Thank you all of you guys! :embarrassed:

Petros Mak

Sep 7, 2008
Great job on the review Rhys. I must say its an excellent piece of work. Yes when the Formula Masters series comes out from simbin, we will change the animations over, however, bear in mind that currently animations, speed display (on the bottom right hud which includes revs) cannot be changed. This is a game issue which we unfortunately have no power over. However the Motecs that will exist on the steering wheels should be sufficient. I don't think anyone would seriously use the HUD when playing this mod, they'd rather rely on the steering wheels and cockpits themselves.

In any case. Gunthar has also done a magnificent job and I cannot thank him enough for the time and dedication he puts in all the work he does within Mak-Corp. Gunthar, you're the man!

Eric. K

Sep 10, 2008
Whats the difference in terms of realism and handling between the server edition and the public edition?
It will be called the "league edition" instead of "server edition". All cars have same performance and physics whereas in the public edition each car will be different:)

Günthar Rowe

True2Life Racing
Feb 24, 2008
Whats the difference in terms of realism and handling between the server edition and the public edition?
Hi Andrew,

This is a good question actually... The League Edition (formally known as the Server Edition as implemented in rF) basically runs the Ferrari engine and the McLaren chassis and aerodynamics package. So, in short, what you get in the League Edition is very much what you get in the RL Edition for performance, handling, etc... Some may find that the League Edition cars will have a very slight advantage over the RL Edition simple due to the fact that these are a blend of the two top 2007 cars...