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GTR Evolution freezes/Race07.exe at 100% load



Hi there!

I'm facing a problem with GTR Evo and Vista 64bits. My PC is a E8500@4.2ghz, GTX280 GPU, 4go DDR2 RAM.

The harddrive keeps on beeing accessed maybe 2-3 times per seconds witch makes the games simply unplayable. But the game runs @ 150fps between those freezes!!!

I'm shown in process manager of Vista, Race07.exe runs constantly @ 100% load, even in game menus...

What can I do to solve this problem?


PS:Excuse my english, I'm french... :)

Ramon van Rijn

RaceDepartment Co-Founder
May 19, 2007
I assume your other games are playing normal.

Can you please try to check fragmentation from within steam? (inside Steam, rightmouse on GTR Evolution and select Properties. Go to tab Local Files and click on Defragment cache files.

PS. I have had similar problems in the past and I could only solve it by backing up my Steam folder, deleting my harddrive partition where steam was installed, format it and copy/paste my Steam installation back on it.
I was lucky to have games on a different HD from Windows.


Thx for your answer! :)
Yes, my other games are playing fully normaly.

I'll have a try at this in a moment...
Jun 23, 2008
try the comaptiblility with Windows XP Service pack 2.

Also, Are you running 2 HDD? if so, put your page file on the second hard drive, your computer won't work as hard and you can have a larger pagefile size so if you run out of ram (you shouldn't with 4 gig) but the drive won't try to access itself too many times. I had a similar problem, but changing compatibility made it run better.


I face the same problem with RAce07.

Sadly, I've already tried comaptiblility with Windows XP Service pack 2.

I'm running 2 HDD but in RAID0 unit... So won't either help here I think. Not?

I must say that I've tried the game with exactly the same PC with XP Pro. The game worked absolutly fine... :/


Support of 64 bit isn't as great as the 32 bit Vista. Hopefully you get this fixed! Report back if you do
Aug 26, 2008
no 32 bit...But I've heard that the 64 bit version runs race better than 32
Yup that's true, 64b os runs faster then 32, but allot of the time the support is not as good as 32bit and you can have a few odd problems. I think 64bit will be the future though and I think windows 7 (the next microsoft os) will only be 64bit, but I could be wrong on that.
Apr 24, 2008
No problem for me , Race 07 and GTR Evo works very fine

graphism and fps very high :thumb:

My PC - Dual boot XP PRO SP3/VISTA 64 SP1

Core 2 Duo E8400@3.8 ghz with Noctua NH-12P

Asus P5Q E P45

ATI 4850 512MO

4 GO DDR2 pc 8500 Corsair

HDD Samsung spinpoint F1 500 go
HDD Maxtor 320 go

Antec Twelve Hundred with Corsair TX 750W

I ve two install Race07/GTREvo XP and Vista64

David Hal

No problem for me either.
GTR-E runs great on my pc with Vista x64

Yup that's true, 64b os runs faster then 32, but allot of the time the support is not as good as 32bit and you can have a few odd problems.
I made the change from XP 32bit to Vista x64, almost a year ago.
The only problem i encountered, was that the mic channel didn't work anymore of my XFI fatality soundcard.
No problem, im using now my onboard soundcard, and will wait until creative will finish a driver wich will fix that problem.
(I've got the time)

Nowadays you can find alot of drivers for Vista x64.

Im running Vista x64, and i'm never going back to XP.