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GT5's weather system is "done"

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Kevin Watts, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Kevin Watts

    Kevin Watts

    GTPlanet is reporting that Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed in an interview with the Official UK Playstation Magazine that the weather system is now complete in GT5 but that if Polyphony are still not sure on the quality of it and how it improves the driving experience in GT5 it may not go into the final release. GTPlanet does however go on to say that by talking about the weather Kazunori Yamauchi must be pretty confident about it being in the final release.

    "Night racing is going to be a part of GT5, but with things like dynamic weather, the choice is about whether it will improve the experience. The functionality is not a problem – we've got the weather system done – but if we are not sure about the quality of it, and how it improves the driving experience, we are not going to have it in the game.”
  2. Adam Mansir

    Adam Mansir

    Dynamic weather would be a great feature. It's a funny statement, I don't know if something is lost in translation or if it's just circular talk.

    The system they coded is complete, but they are not sure of the quality of it and how it improves the driving it experience. Does it mean they just finished the system and it needs tweaking and might not make release or they aren't gonna put more time in it since they want to actually release the game at some point :)
  3. Bert Van Waes

    Bert Van Waes

    awesome! :)

    Nice to see that kazunori actually is doing everything the fans wanted now that the release is postponed. He's turning into a bigger god then he was before...

    This sim will be gigantic...
  4. davelis828


    will have to pit regularly then :p
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