GT5 Prologue

Rob Simms

Hey guys,

Well the wait for GT5 to come out is getting exciting! I cannot wait now. I have been playing Forza 3 on the Xbox 360 with the 360 wheel. I have played many games with the Logitech G25 from GTL, GTR 2, Race 07 w/expansions to Race On, Dirt 2, NFS games, Grid, and xbox Forza 3, Nascar 09, and Race Pro. Recently, I got to looking into the PS3 more because of GT5 with Nascar/Rally and using my logitech G25. I put the GT5 LCE version on reserve at gamestop the other day. Then I got to looking at Prologue and the graphics were not bad. Well I decided to go ahead and buy a new PS3 slim 250 gb version and GT5 Prologue greatest hits copy. I got home and got everything setup. It was pretty easy and the G25 was not too hard to figure out from the Playstation website/internet searches and 900 degrees is setup already. I had seen a lot of bad things about GT5 Prologue, even though it doesn't have damage modeling is an excellent preview of what is to come. I like the way the cars handle! Only exception is the clutch part, but it works on most cars. Now, I just can't wait to see the improvements in GT5, that have been discussed for sometime now. I believe, that GT5 might hold as a great racing title!

Oops, I forgot to add to the PC list rfactor and iracing.
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