GT4 Cars Coming in Next RaceRoom Update

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RaceRoom Racing Experience is set to be updated later this month, and as an added bonus Sector3 Studios have confirmed the long awaited GT4 class is beginning to take shape..

As well as the usual update to the base game, the November 2018 release will also include some new content to purchase by way of DLC - the long ago announced KTM Xbow GT4 now confirmed to be joining the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR in the latest category of GT racing in the simulation, GT4.

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The Xbow GT4 has been around for a while now in Sector3 Studios land, having initially been teased all the way back in February 2017 (!), and now finally the car will be arriving in the title as purchasable DLC within the simulation, coming with a range of liveries, marking a welcomed start to a hopefully soon to expand GT4 category of racing.

RaceRoom Porsche Cayman GT4 1.jpg

Joining the KTM will be another version of the popular Porsche Cayman, this time adding the Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR to the new category. Although another Cayman, the Clubsport MR differs from the Manthey Racing Cayman Trophy in that it benefits from lower weight due to the carbon fibre doors and bonnet, adjustable wings, dampers and the in-car adjustable brake bias.

Faster than the KTM in a straight line, but more challenging in the turns, the Cayman should make for a very entertaining playmate to the Xbow in the GT4 category, a type of racing that is sure to be popular with RaceRoom players.

With both cars confirmed as part of the new patch, Sector3 have also teased a little surprise next week as well.. which could be exciting.

If you are interested in how these cars feel in game, and want to know a little bit more about the development process and all things RaceRoom going forward, pop over to the RaceDepartment Twitch TV channel on Friday 23rd November for a live test drive and interview with Sector3 Studios! We will be driving the new content, talking about the update and sharing plenty of exciting information. We should be live from around 8pm UK, but we'll share more details closer to the time... oh and don't forget, feel free to subscribe or follow to never miss out on notifications when new and live coverage is set to air!

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 Are you pleased to (finally) get a release date for the Xbow? Looking forward to GT4 content coming to R3E? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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May 6, 2014
Cant wait for both, thx


Jan 6, 2017
Raceroom is a formidable game. Looks better than ACC. Not sure what ACC is supposed to be right now actually. Anyway, Raceroom is enjoyable. Hopefully it will continue and I'll just play it more and more. AI is a bit wonky, but other than that....I like it.
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Feb 1, 2017
i won't buy another thing from raceroom until they start implementing features and qol updates that ppl have been asking for for years

you only hear from them now when they have more dlc to push


Jun 30, 2017
Really exciting neews ! GT4 is lovely. I hope they'll add more than these 2 cars.


Mar 29, 2014
If they release more than these two cars (to be honest it would be more than s#*t) it is a musthave for me!


Aug 8, 2017
if Raceroom didn't need to be online all the time, this would be my sim, Racing the 'XBox' (as you called it above:whistling:) on Nürburgring. GT cars are my absolute favorites...


Feb 22, 2018
This is great but we still need a way to select which GT3 cars we race against too. It takes a lot of the realism away driving a modern GT3 car and then being passed on a straight by a older car that was so bad in real life it was pushed across the finish line.


Aug 16, 2018
GT4 is much better than WTCR.
Would like to see more GT4 models and offline racing, too, as well as the aforementioned ability to filter opponent cars.
DLC supports other development, I'm on board with a GT4 pack.

Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Jul 18, 2012
Good to see the KTM finally being released, hopefully we will see more GT4 cars released down the road.
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Sep 23, 2017
Sounds like a good deal. Now if they would just release the car filter so GT3 isn't such an overcrowded mess, we would be darn near perfect. I really am happy about the GT4 cars though. I just have to throw in my customary "car filter" plug so they don't forget! :)