EU GT3 @ Nurburgring GP - Sat 10 Jan 2015


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Jan 25, 2014

Event Information:

Cars: Z4 GT3, MP4 GT3, SLS GT3
Track: Nurburgring GP (24 pit boxes)
Track condition: Green

Booking: No (pickup mode)
Practice: 19:00 GMT (60 minutes)
Qualifying: 20:00 GMT (30 minutes)
Race: 20:30 GMT (25 laps)

T/C, ABS: Factory | Stability control: Off

Special notes
  • Join the server in time from 19:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT. If you can't join in time, make sure you sign out before 18:00 GMT.
  • Teamspeak required
  • Blue flag app required (DOWNLOAD)
  • Passwords will be sent via private message just before the booking.

Racing Club rules: click here
Teamspeak password:
click here
Teamspeak installation guide: click here

Please Note:
  • Two non-shows within a two month period will lead to a 30 day suspension of the player's license
  • Breach of a Golden Rule will lead to a 30 day suspension of the player's license

Entry List

  1. Akis Kevrekidis (MP4)
  2. Andreas Knöpke (Z4)
  3. David Collyer (MP4)
  4. Danny Sollis (MP4)
  5. Kevin Hagendoorn (SLS)
  6. Marjan Koderman (MP4)
  7. Dexter [C.Sasu] (Z4)
  8. Patrick Wuyts (Z4)
  9. Geoffroy Tassenoy (Z4)
  10. Ronny Nunez (SLS)
  11. Stefan Schmitz (Z4)
  12. Dave Fox (Z4)
  13. Emil Praga (MP4)
  14. Henri Sinik (Z4)
  15. Marius Jonikas (Z4)
  16. Kyle Kaiser (Z4)
  17. Berk Er (Z4)
  18. Jean-Michel Sanchez (MP4)
  19. Loic Barbe (MP4)
  20. Berkem Ceylan (SLS)
  21. Ryan Mark Smith (MP4)
  22. Christian Lozanov (Z4)
  23. Liviu Tiron (MP4)
  24. Galin Dimov (MP4)
Waiting List
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  2. -
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Oct 29, 2014
I will put my name down for this even though I'm not 100% sure if I'll be back in time due to being at the Autosport show in Birmingham :D *Fingers crossed*

Edit: Will drive the 12C