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EU GT3 @ Brands Hatch - Sunday 18th October 2020


It really goes to show just how much practice and patience pays off -- even a year after I started, I couldn't come anywhere close to this time. Keep on practicing, stick with your car, and it'll pay off.

Really love racing with you guys, looking forward to seeing you all next week :D

Congratulations on the time :)
I wish practice would make me faster lol, switching between ac and acc doesn't seem to help.


Pretty good race for me. Somehow I managed to get P5 in quali. After an OKish start I was 6th for a while and directly in a groupe of 3-4 fighting cars for almost the entire first stint. After Box, I came back 6th again and could hold this position with a comfortable gap behind me. Also 5th was a bit ahead so I knew I dont need to push and could drive it home. Best result for me so far. Really happy. Lets see what there is for next week.
I thought I started fifth? Can't be arsed watching the replay, it's a school night. Good race mate

Chris Down

Congrats podium guys, especially Rares for your first one and Chris for the WR (by the way, as a former TF2 player, how come you haven't tried anything competitive in sim racing yet?)

Oh man, someone who knows me from competitive TF2 days. I promise I've changed ;)

After I stopped playing competitive TF2, I actually raced for an esports team in Live for Speed for a while (VIER eSports, dead for a while now). I just didn't enjoy competitive racing as much as I enjoyed competitive TF2. Hard to describe, but competitive TF2 scratched a competitive itch for me that I don't really have any more -- once you've got pretty high in the competitive scene once, not much motivation to start all that hard work again. Also I have a partner and a job now, that probably doesn't help with the time constraints :p

Also, for the folks that were concerned about my wardrobe choice -- it was more of a sweatshirt than a jumper, I just couldn't remember the proper word. :p

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Great race everyone! I saw so many great battles as I was coming through, looks like you folks had a great time :thumbsup: Unlucky @pattikins on the tyres, I've been there before :coffee:

After last week's shambolic spin on the last lap, I was pretty determined to ace this one, and more or less did. Quali time was more or less the best possible, and in the race I was doing solid 1:23.6-9 for most of the race, which is a lot better than the last time we were here. No major mistakes, so I'm happy, and maybe can even forgive myself for last week ;):p:roflmao:

Just something I'm really proud of as a little bonus: this may not mean much to anyone, but this has been 3 years of hard graft in the making for me and I think you folks are the only people that I know that will care or even understand. Today I did the first ever 1:21.xxx lap in a 650s in Assetto Corsa history while doing setup tuning. This is my favourite track in the world and to be the only one in the 1:21s is definitely a Pretend Car Racing achievement which I will cherish for a long time :inlove:

(Track limits are RSR enforced, so going onto runoff/kerb is allowed. Don't let this video make you think people will get away with it in a RaceDepartment race ;) )

It really goes to show just how much practice and patience pays off -- even a year after I started, I couldn't come anywhere close to this time. Keep on practicing, stick with your car, and it'll pay off.

Really love racing with you guys, looking forward to seeing you all next week :D
You don't even change the gear for half a circuit ... what the ... Still. Great driving :D

And you were right, stick to the car is quite important. In the spring of 2019 I wasn't making any progress while I was searching for the car. But now, with the R8, I can be top5 if I put a best drive :D I have like 25 000km in this. I remember when Joel was fighting Chris for podiums in the R8 and I was like: "how can you drive so good", and Joel said that he had like almost 30 000km with the R8 :)
Still, I am not at that level yet :( need to practice more, only time shall I have ...


Last few weeks I haven’t been practicing much and it shows, no chance to podium.. I’ve had so much else to do and when I have time I’ve been just drifting :D I might take a part in finnish virtual drifting series this year, but we’ll see.

But back to the race, it was pretty ok. I chose to go with 2xsofts and I managed to drive pretty decent the first set. Then I spun with the second set and then they were really slippery st the end. Ernie got ahead of me after my spun and then I had no chance to keep up with him. Nice driving mate! See you next week!

And congrats Chris for that WR, it’s really a sick time mate!


Really nice.
Sorry, for missleading, it's not my first podium in GT3 class. I did get one when we were doing Multiclass, one year ago :D

Still, great race everybody. @Kek700 you were just a tod faster on those softs ... Hope I didn't blocked you illegally or something. I did tried to defend as hard as I could :)

Congrats @Chris Down for your achievement. :thumbsup:

Really impressed with your driving today Raresch, I did my absolute best to force a mistake, you never made one. Then you always managed to know when I was going to have a go, blocking me every time. I think I had one chance at the hair pin, but thought better of it as I only had a few laps left, so gains were by then minimal.
It was not rocket science to guess your strategy, I really needed a pass to reduce my pits time

You did not allow that...

you Rotter.



You must have been surprised how easy you could overtake me on the straight, Thomas, but I thought I was letting Chris pass.
Too bad because we could have had a nice battle as you were just a bit faster.

Yes Han @HF2000 I was surprised, so thats a shame as you said could have been a nice fight.

Considering it was my first race in VR with an Oculus rift CV1 and just had couple of beers just before the qualy as a friend unexpectedly showed up I am pretty content with the pace;). Had an off in the first stint which cost me couple of positions but after that I was quite constant so P7 is OK.
Congrats to Podium and thx for organizing. Cu


Don’t ask don’t get...

Chris any chance I can look at your MoTeC print out for Brands .


what ever you say, that was a most impressive time.:thumbsup:

does it sound though I am now resorting to creeping..:unsure:

Chris Down

What's that I hear? Is it the sound of another RaceDepartment F1 support race? Yes! This week we're over at the beautiful Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, also known as Portimão. Come and join us for 60 minutes of Sunday action! :inlove: