GT Sport Update 1.48 Now Available

A new build of GT Sport has been released on PlayStation 4.

More of a hotfix update than a full blown new build release, version 1.48 has been specifically designed to address an interesting recent bug that occurred with the title, where players smart enough to trick the system when building an online multiplayer race could access a (hit and miss) wet weather feature for all circuits currently available within the game.

As players of GT Sport will no doubt be aware, some circuits within the game come with a wet version, including all the visual goodies associated with rain conditions, but at present this weather preset is only available on a very limited number of tracks.

Following the release of Spa a few days ago, a bug became apparent under certain conditions when the player set up a multiplayer online race using a 'rain enabled' circuit. If gamers set up their lobby feature one of the available wet weather tracks, but then went back into the settings option and changed the track to another from within the game, at default time of day, that circuit would then feature a mixed bag set of wet weather conditions - with some tracks appearing much more to the standard GT Sport graphical level than others. An unfortunate, but at the time entertaining, bug within the software.

This glitch has been fixed in the latest build of the game, which is available the next time players restart their GT Sport install on PS4.

GT Sport Hotfix 2.jpg

GT Sport is available exclusive on Sony PlayStation 4.

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I was not that sure GT Sport was going to be as success but they really have demonstrated that online multiplayer racing games can work well.The best part is that PC Sim racers,hardware & software people all benefit because many GTS players move onto Sim Racing.

Michel Bélisle

Oddly enough, I personally enjoy the single player aspects of GT Sport. I maybe the only person in the world that does though...
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