GT Sport: Small Hotfix Update Released

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Polyphony Digital have released a small hotfix update for GT Sport.

Having benefited from a sizeable content update that added no less than five new cars and a real world circuit earlier this month, Polyphony have again taken a chunk out of PS4 gamers internet bandwidth with a new update for the title, although at only 146MB it probably won't be breaking the download allowance bank anytime soon..

The new hotfix mainly looks to rectify a few small issues that occurred following the March 5th build, and doesn't contain any new content or features for the PS4 exclusive racing game.

March 12th Hotfix Update Notes:
  • Sport Mode - Fixed an issue wherein Point Rankings were not displayed properly.
  • Lobby - Fixed an issue wherein the refuelling speed was slower than intended when loading old Event Settings.
  • Other Improvements and Adjustments - Various other issues have been addressed.

Are you still enjoying GT Sport? Are you happy with the development direction of the game? Let us know in the comments section below...

*image credit: PSN Sisma613mc

GT Sport is available now for PlayStation 4.

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SimRacing 604
Feb 18, 2017
If PC sim racing wasn't in my life, I'd probably love GT Sport as much as I loved the earlier titles in the series. The graphics are amazing, the car selection is great, the track selection continues to improve, and a lot of the side challenges are a blast. But to me the FFB falls behind most of my other favourite sims on PC, and I just can't enjoy it as much.

Franz Surowetz

Nov 22, 2016
Für mich ist es nur ein Spiel, für eine Renn Simulator hat es zu viele Streed Cars und sehr wenige Reale Rennstrecken