Gt Omega Wheel Stand


Thanks mate!!!
Even if not in the same price range wich one you suggest?I haven't space for a full rig, so i need something like this one as dimensions...


I have something similar because i'm having to use it in my living room until i get everything sorted, here's a photo:

I bought this from eBay UK for £50 or £55 delivered, drilled holes in the base to be able to bolt the pedals in and it's perfect, really sturdy... The legs nearest to you when you're racing fit under my sofa quite nice so it doesn't move at all, can't believe how good for the money it was. With the strength of the FFB all the way up it doesn't move at all!

I'm going to continue searching to see if i can find you the eBay link!


There you go! All i did was drill holes in the pedal plate like i said, and i think i made it so the part the wheel on goes lower, so i had to cut something - but it was set up and completed in a couple of hours, perfect!
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I have one similar to JamesU but I find the central support is in the way if you are using 3 pedal set up


Ahhhh BigDaddy, theres an idea... I'm gonna set up something when i get an office/game room sorted in my place and i was going to buy a rig, but that looks more than good enough!
I've used the GT Omega wheel stand for quite some time, pushed the front up against my wall and under my TV stand and it fits in perfectly with no stability issues.

Also, it's semi-portable, I've been throwing my full rig in the car recently and taking it to a friends house; wheel stand, car seat from an RX8, wheel, pedals, shifter, old wheel, PC, seat base, and the Oculus all in the back of a small hatchback car.
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