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  1. Ivar Kalamees

    Ivar Kalamees

    GT Omega Racing revealed its 2012 FSR car today as Ivar Kalamees took the car out at Melbourne during an unofficial testing session and had good first impressions of the car. The car was finished later than expected and only just made the FSR safety crash test which the car thankfully passed.
    GT Omega Racing is also proud to welcome it's new signings to the team for the 2012 FSR season which most notably includes "Rasmus Tali" who has joined from Precision Motorsports, which includes finishing 3rd overall in the FSR World Championship 2010 drivers standings with the team.
    "Ivar Kalamees" has also signed after making the step up from the teams sister team last season. "Kalamees" finished runner up in the FSR World Trophy 2011 drivers standings showing great race craft and consistency which will help him gain success in World Series this season.
    The other two signings "Benjamin Burmeister" & "Jan-Moritz Kammann" have joined to defend & win the World Trophy teams title, that GT Omega Racing won last season, with both driver's looking to secure the drivers title. Both drivers are also looking to add to their FSR experience after being away from FSR for over a year.
    Rasmus Tali:
    "After a year off due to university and some other obligations I am happy to be back at FSR. I would like to thank GTO for the opportunity and I can't wait to get back to racing. I am confident that if preseason testing goes well we will have pace to challenge for top spots and then try to build on the momentum from there on."

    Dian Kostadinov:
    "I am very happy to be here again at GT Omega Racing, last year was difficult to get good results as the competition is very strong, but I have good experience and now I am ready to attack the top 5 spots in the World Championship. I am included in one very young team with a good future and I hope to create great success this year and in future years with GT Omega Racing."

    Ivar Kalamees:
    "I'm happy to drive for the team, this time in the main car. After a good and perhaps a bit surprising season in the World Trophy divison, I’ve decided to move on to World Series for this year, hopefully for lots more fun with the team and the competitors."

    Benjamin Burmeister:
    "I am very proud to drive for GT Omega Racing, after many years away from FSR I will find my speed again and try my best to win a race. The speed from the team is very fast and the test days in Australia are very good to start a good season"

    Andreas Umminger: (Part owner of the GT Omega Racing WC License & Test driver)
    "I am very happy to be yet another year with GT-Omega Racing after a very interessting and eventful 2011 season with the teams sister team "TEAM PrintWorks" in the World Trophy Series. I am very excited to see the performance of our team in 2012 as we did succeede in signing a great lineup and bring huge potential to the team. I have the feeling that GT-Omega Racing 2012 will bring in the results this team deserves for a very long time."
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  2. Marcel van der Linden

    Marcel van der Linden

    Wooow good job guys!!
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    David Dominguez

    Good luck guys!
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    Mower of Lawns

    Nice looking car. Best of luck!
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    Johannes Kunkel

    Best of luck guys!
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    Sven Sirk

    Good luck, it's always nice to see own country drivers here.
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    Jan-Moritz Kammann

    The car is beautiful and quick :D