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Our next GTL Club Endurance event will bring us to the Dunes of Zandvoort on the first layout of this race track that were build in 1948!

The Car: Jaguar MKII 4.2
The MKII was never sold from the factory with a 4.2 litre engine, but it is definitely an easy transplant.
5 speed gearbox.7000 rpm rev limit.265 bhp & 5750 rpm
Detuned E Type engine, and fitted E Type tyres.
Body weight increased but Centre of Gravity lowered.
Ride height lowered slightly.

DATE: Thursday 15th August

TIME: GMT 19.00

QUALLY: 30 mins

LAPS: 40

Tyre and fuel multiplier x2 Pit stops will be required

Event details can be found here

A little Story a bout the building of Circuit Zandvoort,

Things were shaping up for the creation of Holland's first permanent race track. That is, until the Nazis decided to invade their neutral neighbour at the North Sea. In the first days of May 1940 the Netherlands were trampled under foot, and the plans for a permanent circuit were the last thing on Zandvoort people's minds.

Leave that to Van Alphen:

The cunning mayor did not just order to start work on the project, he even managed to con the occupying forces into helping him build the foundations! With some 40 hotels and 600 coast-line houses demolished and Zandvoort's northern part cleared off the face of the earth to prevent the allies from using the Zandvoort beach as a landing site, the north side of town was far from a glorious park area. It was a ruinous mess. But Van Alphen made the proud Germans believe that he wanted to pave the way for a Paradestraße to honour the victors of the war. They fell for the ploy blindly - with a striking immediate result: many of Zandvoort's workers were not put on transport to Germany to contribute to the Nazi war effort but stayed behind to clear the ruins and turn them into the Parade Road's first layer of foundation. The Germans were well satisfied with the Dutch gift but of course Van Alphen had quite another type of victory celebration in mind for the end result… Unsurprisingly, to this day the circuit's official name is the Burgemeester Van Alphenweg (Mayor Van Alphen Road). Author:MattijsDiepraam

So that was the start of a great race track and the first race was held on 8 August 1948 an Prins Bira from Siam was the first winner of the"Grote Prijs van Zandvoort" with a Maserati 4CL. The first Trophy Of The Dunes were held in 1966 for Touring Cars an Prototypes,

GT Legends is a sports car racing simulator developed by Simbin for the PC. It is based on the 2005 FIA Historic Racing Championships for GTC and TC cars of the 1960s and 1970s but supports an extensive range of modding making this classic game a must have for online racing fans. Check out our GT Legends forums for ongoing support, mods and quality online racing with gentleman driving standards !

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Thanks to Hans Sneep lover of classic racing cars and long time GTL club member for setting up the event
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Rupe Wilson

Server is up until Monday for testing
please make sure you have the liveries installed before entering the server

Rupe Wilson

Server is up for Testing come and give it a try.
pop into the forum take a look and get on track.
All the details can be found HERE
Don't forget the skin pack found HERE
and of course the track Zandvoort 67 found HERE
That's it your good to go

See you on track over the weekend:)
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