GSC Extreme High Speed Image Vibration

Rick Malm

Feb 28, 2014
Does anyone know how to reduce the vertical vibration in the background that has become worst with higher car speeds and rough surfaces like one finds on Brasilia?

I am a ReadHeadMotion user. I am motion sensitive. I get motion sickness easy when movement on screen does not match what my inner ear movement. I am a SimVibe user.

I had been driving V8s at slower speeds when compared to the the new GSC Extreme F1 V12. The V12 goes a lot faster like 280-290km/h on Brasilia. I find that vertical vibration happens with other F1 Reiza at max speeds and less in the F1 Classic since they are slower in the same stretch. My V8 at 230km/h speeds its not an issue. I was using the Brasilia Full straight between corner 1 and 2 for my testing and the grass areas along side of the track to verify the RealHeadMotion plugin is working.
Bye the way, I also tried the very smooth track on the “skidpad' track and did not see this vibration issue.

Sidebar:For people that get motion sickness the RealHeadMotion plugin is very helpful.
The motion sickness problem description is here for anyone interested:
The GSC RealHeadMotion download (must use the rfactor1 plugin) is here:

Back to the current issue I am asking about. I found that I really had a problem driving the new V12 on high speed straights into the corners and hitting the brake points and turn in. I also found that when I let AI drive my car I did not see the same vibration at the same speed. AI's vertical vibration on the screen is about 2-3x less. I even noticed that I got difference in SimVibe motion at about the same speeds on long corners. So I did some MoteC analysis of AI at 85% and me and found that AIs tires were not slipping very much at all. In high speed corners the AI had very little slip vibration so they did not have to slow down (85% AI) like I had to. I attached some MoteC plots so show that when you let AI drive your car they are not really driving with the same car.
In the PDF attached, AI are the Red curves, mine are black.

I communicated this issue with the author of RealHeadMotion plugin, Sébastien Tixier, as well as Reiza Studios. Reiza suggested setting CockpitVibrationMag from each vehicle´s cockpitinfo.ini = 0.
They said “zeroeing head movement in-game and zeroeing cockpit vibration in the vehicle´s cockpitinfo.ini file you will ensure the head stays completely static relative to the car - you will still get vibration from the track bumps naturally”

But this did not fix the problem. Then had me uninstall RealHeadMotion to verify the issue was not caused by the plugin. The problem got worse so I reinstalled RealHeadMotion.

For people that dont use RealHeadMotion, you have to make a number of PLR settings set to 0
and 1 in game setting to 0, HeadMotion = 0.
PLR changes:
Cockpit Vibration Mult1="0.00000"
Cockpit Vibration Mult2="0.00000"
Cockpit Vibration Freq2="0.00000"
Car Vibration Mult1="0.00000"
Look Up/Down Angle="0.40000"
Leanahead Angle="0.00000"
Look Roll Angle="0.75000"

Below are some video links that show what I am talking about.
I decreased the FOV to make the vertical movement easier to see in Brasilia from turn 1 to 2 straight and for a fast corner vibration the big turn 11 on Brasilia which is also shown in the MoTeC plots attached as a PDF.

1st video shows how well RealHeadMotion does to hold the horizon constant yet the car cockpit is still moving. You just drive in some grass to make this a large movement to demo.
Without RealHeadMotion the horizon moves with the cockpit movement.

The next video is me at high speed. Look at the top of the billboard in the far distance and see the vertical shaking. I used FOV=20 to amplify this so you can see it better.

Next video is at the same place but AI is driving you should see the background is smoother by about 2x or more.

Now for the fast turn, AI can accelerate through all of the corner and hold the line. No slip and no or very little vibration. (AI 85%)

I can not hold the line at accelerate like AI does. Vibration extreme and only doing 230 at apex. Getting lots of SimVibe and FFB on the wheel as my tires slide.

Someone posted earlier: “Dont expect to be able to do what an AI can do, they cheat to win”
But is there any hint here on how to reduce vibration.

Bottom line, I am searching for how to tweek GSC settings to get the minimum amount of head movement like when AI drives my car. Any suggestions would be helpful?


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Jun 29, 2013
Hi Rick, you post a lot of in depth things here and discuss technical editing things and despite trying to google a lot of it, I'm sorry I haven't been able to help you so far.

Might I suggest joining our GSC race club and racing against real people?

Rupe Wilson

Mar 1, 2009
Inside each track is a TDF
terrain.tdf (Terrain Definition File) contains all of the road surface grip and bump levels and details for useage of graphic effects such as spray, dust, rain droplets, etc.

it may be that these need tweaking to stop this effect your experiencing.
the higher the speed of the car the greater the effect.
If on the skidpad which is very smooth you don't experience these things and on other tracks you do.

The only problem with this is if you alter these settings you end up with a tdf mismatch when going online.

A while back we tried to use the karts on all the car tracks, for some it was ok but for others with different wheels the vibration on the wheel was so bad when driving at speed it was like driving down a cobbled street and would of probably destroyed there wheels.
In the end i gave up trying to get good settings in the tdf , ( i am a complete noob when it comes to this stuff it was all trail and error).
but i had some success in smoothing out certain tracks.
but then when driving cars on them the track felt poor to drive with no feel.
You need the bumps in the road to make it feel alive.

At Reiza @Alex Sawczuk is the track guru maybe he is the guy who can help you out or make a suggestion to your problem
I must say this is all very good reading and great feedback :thumbsup:
It could also be that there is no answer and the rf1 engine is at its limits when using a car of this speed, But as they say you don't know until you ask.:)

Rick Malm

Feb 28, 2014
Thanks for responding. I see if I can contact Alex and will look into TDF format. Would be nice to have a solution for everyone so when I start online I dont have different surfaces.

Rick Malm

Feb 28, 2014
Alex, thanks for looking at this vibration issue. I will not spend any time on TDF. You guys should just try driving Brasilia turn 11 and 6 full throttle like AI at 85% does. Even shows up in 9 and 3. It a feeling like real track marbles feel, and you have to back off early else your going to be off track wide.


Jul 7, 2010
Problem is that camera is fixed to the supposed head of the driver. while driving through the bumpy road, the car and head of the driver is vibrating, even though the altitude of the car doesn't change at all. You could "fix" your camera to fixed altitude by changing
OrientationRate in camera file. The default values for cockpit camera are
OrientationRate=(999.000000, 999.000000, 999.000000). Change the first number to 0, and you will get the effect of fixed camera in respect of vertical movement. No more vibration. This works great in "flat" tracks (altitude change throughout the track is very small), e.g. Montreal, but in tracks with a lot of altitude change, this "hack" doesn't work, because camera doesn't move relative to vertical position of the car.

Rick Malm

Feb 28, 2014
Ed091maf, I tried it, no change and I think with this change it got worse. ??
I did the edit here in Vehicles\
Fov=(60, 60)
Color=(164, 218, 249)
ClipPlanes=(0.075000, 500.000000)
Size=(1.000000, 1.000000)
Center=(0.500000, 0.500000)
RadiusLimits=(0.000000, 0.000000)
PitchLimits=(0.572958, 169.022516)
OrientationRate=(0.000000, 999.000000, 999.000000)

??? There seems to be a speed threshold where this starts to happen

Maybe your fix works if one is not using RealHeadMotion plugin.
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