GSC Driving Aids: Helps or Not

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  1. Rick Malm

    Rick Malm

    Can the aid Steering Help and Braking help options really aid in training skills in a new GSC driver?

    What is the DAS circuit thats referenced in the manual quote below?
    Do people use these aids in SimRacing training?

    Steering help just seems to follow the race line a bit if you dont stay on it with wheel turns maybe just allowing AI to drive your car is better to learn the line. Not sure this is helpful at all. I must be missing something.
    Manual says:
    Once the Kramden Moto Gear DAS circuitry is activated, the unit will send control
    inputs through the wheel enabling the driver to ‘feel’ the best line through a corner.
    This incredible learning tool is made possible at the time of track creation by the
    application of a special magnetic strip along the center of the ‘best line’ through a
    corner. Of course, this will be a different path for differing autos, hence the
    application of several of these strips, all encoded to the particular cars’ DAS
    programming. This aid will guide you through the corners. There are three levels of effe

    Aid Help Braking:
    What is the feedback, maybe wheel vibrations (sort of like ABS) I just dont feel anything that seems to be helpful. So I just turn these 2 aids off. And if I dont get an answer here it will free up 2 F keys.
    Braking Help
    The perfect line through a corner is not very useful if you are coming out the other
    side off the track somewhere. Again, by employing the DAS system, impulses are
    fed into the programmable brakes and the driver will actually feel the brake pedal
    moving—when he no longer feels that, he can be assured that his braking is
    approaching ‘theoretical optimum’ as his motions are mimicking the ideal. This
    technology is rarely, if ever, used once the driver is comfortable with braking.
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  2. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    I would never suggest using any aids apart from ABS on low or something but thats just me. I wouldnt want to train on something that ill eventually get rid of, id rather just learn to drive it without help and speed comes soon after.
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  3. Nox


    I prefer no assists, with the exception of auto-clutch depending on what I'm driving, simply for convenience. An exception to low anti-lock might be where the brake pressure setting is locked (like the Blancpain mod) too high.
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