GSC Driver Training Game usage questions for online racing

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  1. Rick Malm

    Rick Malm

    What do I need to do for online racing (I assume is this called Multi User) vs off line Single race and test days against AI once I can compete at the 100% AI level?
    1 Is the multiuser process documented somewhere?
    2 What is required?
    3 What is the process?
    4 Can you setup a race for a specific person only so you can train together?

    5 Online race restriction Cockpit only

    6 Is there often a race "ABS restriction" (low? or none or any ok?)

    7 What is your feeling about using ABS setting for learning and racing? I think the authors of GSC suggested better drivers see lower lap times with none.

    8 Same question on "Traction control" Restrictions for online racing?
    Assume there is a performance price to have it on. I feel the rpm cut out when I over do it but then it might save a collision.

    I have seen races that have restrictions to set all aids off.
    9 Is ABS an aid or does aids mean steering and braking aids?

    10 Do you use Quick chat keys? Where do you find keys for all 12 values. All my keys and buttons are used. Could give up camera controls that I dont use.

    11 Do you need key settings for starter and ignition (for only races that have pitting I assume)?

    12 What is offline Championship race? What is this, what does it CREATE? is this offline or online?

    Thanks for answers
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  2. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    As you're enjoying GSC, and it is brilliant, get a license and come join the fun! There's loads of races, and if you fancy some GT action, the Blancpain mod is awesome :thumbsup:

    BTW, you may need to click the "Click to Expand" button to see all the answers I added :laugh::whistling:
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  3. Jan Kokemüller

    Jan Kokemüller

    First off, you don't need to be able to compete at 100% AI level to race online. AI strength varies from track to track and car to car anyway. It is much more important to keep it on the track reliably, race fairly, leaving room for your opponent etc. Those things are harder to learn with the AI than real human opponents.

    1: I'm not sure if there is a GSC manual. I haven't looked very hard, though.

    2: As a client, it's just as simple as going in the multiplayer menu and joining a server. You can try it out by just joining an empty server and playing around. There is a chat and voting system (vote to advance to next session etc.). After practice and qualifying, you have about 30 seconds to enter the game and join the grid. This timer is shown in the UI. Editing the car setup in qualifying (?), warm up and race is restricted (parc fermé). You can still edit some values like fuel though. When the server restarts after a race, you're setup is reset to the default one. So remember to save your setup and reload it for the next race, if there is one. To change a car, you have to leave the server and rejoin.

    4: You can password protect a server. That should keep unwanted guests out.

    5: It depends on the server what cameras are allowed. In the club races, cockpit and dash cams are allowed.

    6: Sometimes there is low ABS available, especially for higher powered cars.

    7: Real driving aids are designed to make you faster. rFactor driving aids are designed to keep you on track. I'd suggest turning them all off, even for learning. Only turn them on online if you don't feel comfortable with the car yet. Auto clutch is the only aid I personally use, because then the car can't stall. rFactor's clutch simulation is pretty much non-existent, anyway.

    9: rFactor ABS is also considered an aid.

    10: I don't personally use them. It depends on the server if chatting during the race is allowed. In the RD club races, it's usually forbidden.

    11: I never turn off the engine if I'm making a pitstop. You don't really need those two buttons if you use auto clutch. I still have them mapped though, for offline racing when I don't use auto clutch.

    12: They are purely offline against the AI. I've never run one, because I prefer to drive against real people online.

    See you online soon :)
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  4. Rick Malm

    Rick Malm

    Jan, Thanks for your detailed input. Very helpful.