GSC and control settings not 'sticking'

I have recently reinstalled GSC after not playing for a while and I am having a lot of trouble getting the settings I make in the controls screen to 'stick'. I can change things like ffb type, degrees of the wheel or assignments of the controls, save them (whether a new name or same name) and it seems 50% of the time if I quit and re-enter I have the same controls as before I made any changes, argh!

I see the new .ini get created with the profile name I choose (I installed in C:\games so it's not a program files permission thing) but for some reason sometimes the file gets created but when I get in game I have the 'old' controls, if I 'load' the profile I saved before things were in fact saved, but somehow sometimes when loading they aren't there anymore automatically.

Any ideas about what could be going wrong? Currently it *seems* that if I save to a new profile, exit, restart, load the new profile, exit again, restart, it most of the time 'sticks' but it is quite annoying to have to do this all the time I want to reassign something.