Graphicbugs on Nords


has anyone ever had this or solution for it ?
its only on the Nordschleife...
i have an r9 290 msi and the latest driver for it.
Month ago it startet and it gets worse and worse..


thank you


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Try to validate your files through steam? Never had this with an R9 280X from MSI. Using 15.6 (not the newest 15.7.1)

Raf Nix

Had such effects when my ATI card started to fail until it broke. And like here it was a progressive process.
Hope it's not like that, Mate.
thanks for your answers!

The thing is, it appears ONLY on the Norschleife,
and other intense games like GTA5 are running without any probs.
Temps are around 85-90 degrees, high but not unnormal


edith: and it gets worse...

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if there are mods installed - especially any third party applications that run on the screen, delete them.
had problems with some.
last resort - completely uninstall AC on steam before doing reinstall. worth a try.
I wonder if is driver related i have a 7950 on latest driver and get exact same issue but at modena going down the home straight.
What OS are you on? I only noticed this issue after upgrading to Win 10, but that did coincide with a driver update.
Did you upgrade to Windows 10? I have seen several thread with artifacts just like that in the official forums (which is where you should go for technical support) and all of them have been a result of windows 10 with AMD gpu's.
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