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GranStand Seat Module Mini Review

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by JogoAsobi, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. JogoAsobi


    Updated 04-24-2012 with photos of new black seat brackets

    A few weeks ago I purchased a GranStand "Seat Module" after watching a review of GranStand's products here on InsideSimRacing.com.

    I have a Fanatec Rennsport Wheel Stand and had been looking for a way to use a car seat with it.

    GranStand Seat Module, see: http://www.granstand.com/index.php?p=1_12_Online-Store#ecwid:category=0&mode=product&product=9055105

    ISR GranStand Rig & Wheel Stand Review, see: http://racedepartment.tv/forums/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=6229

    The "Seat Module" consists of a "Seat Base" made of 80/20 10 series 1010 profile (1 in x 1 in/2.54 cm x 2.54 cm) Aluminum Extrusion Tubing, a Scat ProCar Sportsman Series Seat and sliders, and mounting hardware.

    GranStand "Seat Base" components (arrived pre-assembled):


    GranStand "Seat Base" components de-assembled:


    Scat ProCar Sportsman Series Seat:


    Scat ProCar Sportsman Seat's sliders (Included):



    Assembly: The frame components came pre-assembled, the only thing I had to do was connect the 4 pieces of the frame with the included allen key, attach the sliders to the seat, and attach the seat.

    Completely assembled "Seat Base" components:


    Seat underside without sliders attached:


    Seat underside with sliders attached:


    Seat underside with sliders and "Seat Base" frame attached:



    Impressions after about 4 weeks of use:

    The seat is very comfortable, and the seat base is rock solid. Very little fatigue after long stints, really helps with immersion.


    The working seat sliders really facilitate getting in and out of the center post design Rennsport wheel stand.
    Now I just have to slide the seat back to get in or out.


    Unfortunately, at the time of purchase the seat base brackets were only available in red, but I have been informed by GranStand that they are now available in black as well.

    The seat base brackets are now available in Black or Red, thread's photos have been updated.

    The proprietor of GranStand, Bill has been very helpful though the entire process.

    If you are space-constrained like me, the separate seat and wheel stand make it very easy to stow away.

    The rubber floor stoppers are also a great feature if you need to use it on a hard floor.

    GranStand's modular design provides integration for their "Wheel Stand" module if you decide to go with a full rig in the future, or you can build your own by expanding off of the seat base.

    Height and adjustability details:

    If the seat is set at the highest position, the front edge of the seat bottom is about 12 in/30.48 cm from the floor, and the back edge of the seat bottom where it meets the seat back is about 10 in/25.4 cm from the floor.

    The lowest position is about 2.5 in/6.35 cm less (9.5 in/24.13 cm for seat front, 7.5 in/19.05 cm for seat back).

    The four red brackets have two mounting holes that allow a 1 in/2.54 cm variation in height adjustability for the top tube that the seat's sliders are connected to.

    The two seat sliders have 3 mounting positions to vary the height, they are positioned in .5 in/1.27 cm increments.

    Each removable rubber floor stopper is about .75 in/1.9 cm high.

    The seat is fully reclinable, the seat sliders have about 7 in/17.78 cm forward and back adjustment with very smooth action.

    Final thoughts:

    I was seriously considering the purchase of a complete rig but I did not personally care for the high bolstered full-race emulation seats or the low quality folding seats most complete rigs come with.

    I had thought about building a rig from 80/20 but had never had enough hands-on experience to make sense of their intimidating catalog.

    So as the owner of a wheel stand this has worked out to be a great interim step before I take the plunge and go all the way with a full rig I will build to my preferences.

    This has also been a great way for me to learn about how 80/20 extrusion works. In fact, I will be posting a thread in the near future about the dual shifter mount I recently built for the Rennsport wheel stand from 80/20 aluminum extrusion.

    Feel free to PM me if you would like more information then I have provided.
  2. glight


    Nice review, nice tilton pedals ;)