Grand Prix de Trois Rivieres 2008


Cedric Beugnet

with this track i have a lot of problems. 3 start and 3 issues a the same point of the circuit. Reboot PC at each times. A friend have the same problem. Screen freeze and no response from GTR-evo.
I hope a fix to re-test.

Cedric Beugnet

a new version of the circuit is available:

News in v1.1
1. New AIW by Greybrad (fix the crash or freeze)
2. AIW fix (Alpha groove & fueluse) by Zwiss

Features v1.0 :
1. Added and change a lots of logos and textures.
2. Helicopter video for the TV. (don’t work in Evo, pfff !!)
3. Rain reflections.
4. Create .ANI (lots flagmarsharls, photographers, etc). I’ve replaced all « workers » with fan males animated and new white textures with “The pits” logo.
5. Added some materials for the 2008 version.
6. Work on mulltitexturing.
7. TRK optimized for more FPS (gain 30-50 FPS).
8. New AIW.
9. Added corners indicators.
10. LOD

DirectX 9. 8, 7 tested and work fine.