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Gran Turismo 5 gets GPS feature.

Marcel vd Aa

AC Paint Guru
Aug 28, 2008
Polyphony Digital and car-electronics manufacturer Denso have been working together on a 'gps-track day unit' that records the performance of a car on a real-life track. The logged data can than be loaded and used in GT5.

From January 15-17 Japan hosts the Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. One of the cars featured there is the Toyota FT-86G. The car has a 'gps-track day unit onboard made by car-electronics manufacturer Denso. The unit is capable of logging the cars speed and location on the track.

Japanese game developer Polyphony Digital was highly involved with the development of the software that drives the system. Polyphony Digital is, as we all know, putting the finishing touches to their highly anticipated PS3 racing game Gran Turismo 5. When a driver is lucky enough to drive the Toyota on one of the real-life tracks that are featured in the game, the system allows him to log and store his performance data on a memorycard which in turn can be accessed by the PS3 console. After that the driver/player not only has the option of reviewing his race but he can also race against himself. A ghost car will then be on track to simulate the previously driven laps.

In October of 2009 Toyota took a race version of the Lexus IS-F to the Nurburgring to do extensive testing of the gps-unit. Toyota has confirmed that the unit will go in their production cars and the FT-86 will be the first to have it onboard. However, the FT-86 is due to be launched in 2012 and hopefully we don't have to wait that long for this awesome feature to become available. From a racer/gamer perspective however this does mean that the tracks in GT5 must be absolutly spot-on for this system to work correctly and that's a big plus.

The FT-86G ingame:

Source | Tweakers.net

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