GPU improvement, nvidia 680GTX SLI vs 970 single card

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  1. Alen Pecanin

    Alen Pecanin

    Hey guys

    Just wanted to ask people that have a bit more knowledge than me in this area.

    I've got a GeForce NVidia 680gtx card now. The new 970 cards aren't that expensive, they're even cheaper than my 680gtx.

    How big would the improvement be if I bought one more 680GTX and ran SLI? Compared to buy a new 970 card and run it as single card? Also. How big is the difference between a 680gtx SLI and a 970GTX SLI? Can this be measured in percent? Or estimated? Also, are the SLI problems still big as before in the past? That some games don't run it etc, and that people spend as much time finding solutions to run their games on SLI, as much as playing?

    Thanks in advance for answers

    Not just thinking about car sim games, but in general too
  2. Georg Siebert

    Georg Siebert

    Can answer most of the questions. It's quite late here, will reply soon.
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  3. Georg Siebert

    Georg Siebert

    @Alen Pecanin
    Hi Alen,
    your points:

    i) delta 680gtx sli to single card
    ii) delta 680gtx to 970
    iii) delta 970 sli to 680gtx sli
    iv) sli probs & hassle

    i) delta 680gtx sli to single card

    680 sli: ~63% improvement with second card,12.html
    Metro 2033: 69% improvement
    Crysis 2: 44%
    Battlefield 3: 77%

    ii) delta 680gtx to 970
    estimate: 36%

    click on "12 weitere Elemente" in first benchmark section: "Leistung ohne AA/AF", hover over gpu name:
    gtx 760=100%

    compared to:

    -> both tables comparable

    from 1st table:

    from 2nd table:

    970=136% (with 31% delta from 770 + 5% delta from 680)

    improvement 680vs970 per resolution
    1080p= ~42%
    Bioshock Infinite:

    Metro Last Light
    4K =56%

    Note that the 970 was overclocked by Zotac:
    [in Mhz]
    chip: 1050
    memory: 1178

    chip: 1102
    memory: 1241

    => the 970 performs much better the higher the resolution

    The 970 also has relative low power consumption, is more efficient and has useful features like automatic downsampling which noticeably improves the video quality. The 970 also features 4GB of Vram, 2GB more than the 680 - more Vram is used by higher resolutions, the more Vram is available, the more it will be used.
    More info:,14.html
    gtx680 2GB = 24th place
    gtx970 = 9th place

    Gigabyte G1:,1.html

    iii) delta 970 sli to 680gtx sli
    970sli: ~71% improvement with second card,18.html

    [in %]
    Bioshock Infinite:
    1920x1200 = 69
    2560x1440 = 78
    4K = 69
    mean: 72%

    Crysis 3:
    1920x1200 = 75
    2560x1440 = 80
    4K = 55
    mean: 70%

    => 970 sli scales better than 680 sli, mainly because of more efficient chip structure and more Vram

    680sli vs 970 sli:
    3DMark 11 P score:
    680 sli: 14463 (vs 9458 single card -> 53% improvement)
    970 sli: 20426 (vs 13548 single card -> 51% improvement)

    => a single 970 is not much slower than two 680
    Note that 3DMark is a synthetic benchmark and doesn't necessarily represent the performance of specific hardware in stand alone games

    iv) sli probs & hassle
    Not many from what I've read so far. The new-ish drivers do a good job with scaling.
    Having said that, this SLI / Crossfire thing is pure marketing and total bs in my humble opinion.
    For it to be a viable alternative over buying a single card of a new gpu generation, SLI should scale 100%, which is only very seldom achieved, SLI/Xfire increases power consumption, heat generation (heat is the lowest form of energy and a waste product in this system) and noise. All of whom you don't want running a decent PC.

    Sell your 680 and buy a 970.
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  4. Alen Pecanin

    Alen Pecanin

    Hey! Thanks for the reply Georg! Im only playing at 1080p so yes, from those tests its much better