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GP3 style race??

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Edward Schofield, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Edward Schofield

    Edward Schofield

    who would be interested??

    Personally i don't like the F1 car in assetto. purely because it's too difficult for a half competitive half casual player. I can't just sit down and race some laps. However the T125 (NOT S1) is really fun. Reminds me of codies f1 games :roflmao:(yes you can laugh but at least I've moved onto better things :))

    So I've been testing and the exos T125 would be perfect for a less casual sprint style F1 cup. I was thinking 15min qualifying, 30min race every week.

    I tested this at Imola and 1 set of tyres lasts well over 30min and no is required refuelling as it takes around 4/5 of the tank to do 30mins of lapping (around imola thats about 17/18 laps).

    I was thinking like GP3 we could do double races at each circuit, second race has no qualifying and the grid is the finishing position from the first race reversed

    so if the grid was 16 cars (too much?? too little??) and i came 4th in the first race I'd start in 14th on the grid for the second race
    Points for first race;
    1st 25
    2nd 18
    3rd 15
    4th 12
    5th 10
    6th 8
    7th 6
    8th 4
    9th 2
    10th 1
    <10th is 0

    Points for second;
    1st 15
    2nd 12

    3rd 10
    4th 8
    5th 6
    6th 4
    7th 2
    8th 1
    <8th is 0

    ten points for pole position
    5 for fastest lap over the two races at the same circuit

    note1: all of these are ideas and I'm open to opinions. Obviously I'm not an admin so I can't organise this but I was interested how many people would be interested in this league. If it is popular then hopefully someone could set it up. I'll gladly contribute

    note: I'm sorry I didn't post in the leagues section but "I have insufficient privileges to post here" so if an admin would like to move this thread that would be helpful

    Thank you for listening:thumbsup:

    edit: just to reitirate this would be a more casual league but obviously we'd all like competitive racing
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  2. Sander Eefting

    Sander Eefting

    Sounds like a fun competition to me. I'm more of a GT driver but this looks interesting
  3. swervedriver


    I love the T125 so this competition sounds like a great idea to me. I think sixteen cars is about right, too. Would both races be run on the same day, though?
  4. Edward Schofield

    Edward Schofield

    no I was thinking of doing a race per week. as there aren't many gp style tracks in assetto atm. so imola qualy and race 1 in the first week and then the second race at imola in 7 days. that way the league season might last more than 6 weeks ;)
  5. swervedriver


    I like it:DI would definitely participate, so long as I can conform to the schedule. I'm curious to see how many other people are interested.
  6. Joel


    If the times are okay for us Europeans, I'm in.
  7. Mircea Rad

    Mircea Rad

    I'm in if it's within European hours.
  8. Chris

    Staff Premium

    I'd be interested if Formula Abarth cars are used. The standard T125 seems a bit like a nothing series just because it's not as close to an F1 car as the Step 1 version is, and it's not as close to a real spec series as the Formula Abarth Series.

    Also, it'd need to be in relatively Australian-friendly times, coz I can't have my G27 rattling away at 2am, and waking everyone in the house up lol.
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  9. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 Premium

    I'd like to see an entire F1-GP2-F3/GP3 style league series :p Some sort of FSR rival.
    The S1 is the main competition, with talents driving in the regular 125 or even the Formula Abarth :p
    Would be a hell of a job to manage though and therefore unlikely to happen :(
  10. Edward Schofield

    Edward Schofield

    yeah. kinda wanted a separate championship so people could be in the car they want to drive rather than being limited to formula abarth (for me is too slow, not exciting) because they couldn't qualify higher out of everyone. Plus I'd like to drive the car I like in a league race. Because I'm just selfish like that :p
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  11. Paul Lock

    Paul Lock

    With other RD supported games we have had all sorts of leagues ranging from the hardcore stuff you dedicate half your life to, through to the casual thursday night races.
    If you are willing to put in the man hours to make it happen, im sure RD wont mind any bespoke events to be organised on the boards here?
    Set things up the way you want and see who wants to come racing
    I like the sound of your idea anyway.
  12. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Small open wheelers are my forte so count me in!
  13. Edward Schofield

    Edward Schofield

    hmmm might be doing some test races after all. who's up for it once mp is stable? (not buggy) could you like this post if so. makes it easier to count people interested
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