Got rFactor and Loving It, Full of Surprises

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by HypoToad, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. HypoToad


    I got a copy of rFactor and thought I would give it a go, the surprise was that I can get local tracks and cars that I have never had before.

    I downloaded Calder Park, I actually live not to far from it and used to go back in the day when they had touring car races there all the time. But not only that I also got the Bathurst Legends 72 pack.

    Now I can race Falcon GTHO's, Torana GTR-XU1's and Chrysler Charger E49's, the great Australian muscle cars, I always wanted a GTR-XU1 when I got my license.

    I drove all cars on the track and the surprise was not the GTHO, that was too hard to handle, sure it goes fast in a straight line but cornering is not it's forte even the AI drivers often run off the track with it. The XU1 was as I expected really good on the corners and a little lacking in power on the straights but a really fun car none the less with it's hotted up straight six. The car I fell in love with though was the Charger E49, this thing is nearly as fast on the straights as the GTHO even though the HO has a big V8 and the E49 only has a 6 cylinder hemi, but it handles like a dream, it's really well balanced and can be thrown into corners without losing control.

    Don't know if there is a way to convert these cars to GTR 2 that would be really awesome but at the moment I can't stop racing.

    Update: I actually found the same pack that someone had converted to GTR2, I had to work on the car settings a little especially the XU1's diff settings, the sounds are not quite as good but it's nearly there and I have a ghost car for hot laps.
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