Good mods for Thrustmaster T500 Pedals?


I left Simracing for a few years and I just got back to it. My custom modded old G25 pedals are still working, but the potentiometers are shot, the brake pedal load cell no longer works (I am using a rubber stopper instead, a mod I came up with in 2010) and I have the pedals for my Thrustmaster T500 wheel just sitting there gathering dust.

I looked around to see what's available, but outside of some dampers for sale on eBay, I couldn't find anything. I also noticed Thrustmaster released a stand alone set of pedals that look a lot like my T500 pedals, but with another model name. Is that right?

I guess I can use a rubber stopper and stick it where the spring goes, but if anyone has a lead on a conversion kit to make the pedals better (and that doesn't cost as much as a set of premium pedals) I'd be very grateful.

I'd rather not spend too much money on pedals if I can help it, as I plan to buy a new video card and a VR kit, and that will be a stretch in itself.
Thank you.