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glitch with ac


Feb 23, 2009
dont now if this happen to about else,when playing a,c ,as the revs goes up and the engine sound loud,the graphic gives a sort of hiccup ,like a glitch for a split second,then it continues,as usual,dont now if the software(game) or my pc,the pc is a build which i did, the specs mb asus P8H61-M LE CSM R2.0,cpu intel i5 3470 3.2 quad core ,ram 8 gb ddr3 ,gpu nvidia gtx 750 ti oc, at first thought was audio so try changing the audio driver,same thing,all my drivers are up to date have one of those update driver program,i play project cars with it on high, and get 80 fps,still cant figure out what causing this, any ideas will be grateful ,i love the game just want it to run right,ps ac ver 116

Ernest Aubert

Nov 6, 2011
How often does this happen? Every once in a while I get a sort of "winking out" (sorry, Spock) phenomenon, once then again after a couple of seconds; but it's irregular, and unrelated to whatever is happening in the program.

Radu Oros

Jul 25, 2014
put audio latency to normal in Audio options. Also use fullscreen instead of windowed. And if you minimize the game when on the track, press alt+enter after you return, to activate again full screen mode.
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