Glare On Rims

Aug 4, 2019
I wanted to ask if there's anyway how I could get rid of the glare that is present in the first pic, and how to make it look like the rim that is in the second pic?
Screenshot 9_25_2019 11_16_21 AM.png
Screenshot 9_25_2019 11_17_25 AM.png


Dec 28, 2009
You've added a new rim texture to the top car. The alpha is either too light (white-light grey) or the mod doesn't use a alpha on the rims. Save as DXT1 No alpha and see if that fixes it.

The Goodyear writing on the tyres are far to bright, it need to be dulled down by adding a grey overlay. More like a black layer with the transparency reduced to around 22% or so. Some trial and error would be required.

I'm guessing it's a rFactor1 mod converted to rF2 or it's the old ISI NASCAR mod. It need to be updated for DX11 and a few other graphical changes.