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GhostSpeed Racing Team - Silverstone review

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Philipp Puschke, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Philipp Puschke

    Philipp Puschke

    In the World Championship Morgan Morand gave his debut for GhostSpeed and it turned out to be a stunner.

    In Qualifying Morgan unfortunately made a few mistakes on his lap which left him with 3rd instead of a possible Pole Position.

    As the race kicked off Morgan got a brilliant launch and sailed passed Rietveld and Huis into the lead for the moment.
    The first stint turned out to be great battle against Huis but it became clear that some others were on 3 stop so Morgan had to push as he lost some crucial time while battling with Huis in the first stint.
    But as Morgan was able to keep Huis behind in the first stint and hoping that Huis would lose crucial time in traffic he decided to switch to a 3 stop strategy as he was on a 4 stop first.

    It wasn’t about to pay out as Huis did not lose any time in traffic and Morgan was struggling a lot with worn tires at the end of the stints and after Huis visited the pits for the 4th time he was immediately in Morgan’s mirrors and he had no chance to fight off the dutchman with much older tires.
    In the end he achieved a fantastic 2nd place and the best result for GhostSpeed for some time.

    Jim Parisis had a quiet difficult Qualifying which left him with plenty of work to do for the race while starting from 10th .

    Jim had some very adventful first laps when fighting against Room, Brljak and De Wit. As Jim tried to have a go on Room the move didn’t work out and he had De Wit all over him but his move didn’t work out too.
    From there on Jim tried to overtake Brljak but unfortunately they made contact leaving Jim in a half spin and losing two positions. Jim decided to pit early to avoid traffic and gaining some crucial time with free track in front.

    As Jim did set some impressive pace he made his strategy work and getting up into 6th making it one of his best races so far.

    Ash Racing had quite a tough weekend with Gosbee crossing the line in 15th after some contact and Chatzipantelis DNF after a first lap incident.

    In the World Series GhostSpeed had a race with mixed feelings :
    Philipp Puschke was able to get a clean race and score some important points in 4th.
    Martin Gosbee was on course for a podium position but with just a few laps to go technical problems forced him to retire making it a disappointing event for him.
    Markus Hoffmann had an overall difficult race weekend with a disappointing qualifying and a DNF after race ending incident with another driver.
    Jernej Simoncic had an very difficult weekend aswell with some incidents in the race making it a not good result in the end as he had some good pace around here.

    In the World Trophy Ville Leppälä continued his good form and finished in a solid 4th place picking up some crucial points for the championship.
    Caner Basol was the surprise on this weekend as he was able to show some stunning pace and crossing the line in an very well deserved 5th.
    Mark Aalberts was able to drive a consistent and solid race giving him 6th and some great points for the championship aswell.
    Tjeerd Feddema set a solid pace aswell and picked up a good 9th.
    The unluckiest guy in the event turned out to be Juhani Ahlman as he was fighting for the win but unfortunately was taken out by another driver. So Juhani tried to at least pick up some points but unfortunately finished in 13th.
    Joona Leppaenen had a very difficult race aswell and finished the race in 17th place but he really can do better as the whole team knows.

    Team owner Pedro Rodrigues commented:

    "We had a pretty good weekend overall, specially in the World Championship were we achieved our best result since 2008. Morgan and Jim did a very good job. It was a pleasure to see Morgan driving for us for the first time and putting a GS car fighting for a WC race win again!
    I'm sure even greater things will come.

    In World Series, Philipp did a pretty good job too while Martin might be the unluckiest guy around to DNF with power off when he was going for a podium.

    In World Trophy, we had a good team result with Ville, Caner, Mark and Tjeerd in top10. Although we kept the feeling that it could have been so much more. Juhani was very unlucky when leading when another driver took him the chance to fight for the win.

    We are in a very good path and I'm sure we will achieve much more in the rest of the season. Congratulations to all the team drivers!"

    The next race on the calendar is the Hungarian Grand Prix!
    To follow the process of the whole team and the drivers in all divisions click on the links below.

    Know more at GhostSpeed.net
    Facebook Page: Become a Fan
    Twitter Page: Follow Us
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  2. Morgan Morand

    Morgan Morand

    Very good review Philipp :)
  3. Jim Parisis

    Jim Parisis

    Nice read! ;)
  4. Marcel Rautter

    Marcel Rautter

    Where were your news when you were driving in my "team"? :confused:
    Good one, keep up the good work PP ;)
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