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Ghost car while sitting in the pits

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by khalid77, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. khalid77


    Don't know if anyone else has experienced this but it's starting to happen more and more often. In career mode i'll go out for a few laps, come back in and check the monitor to see where I can improve my time. For some reason when I leave the monitor screen my car is ghosting. I'm still sitting in the pits at this stage and nothing I do can make it come back to life, tried pausing and un-pausing, going back to the monitor etc but nothing works. THEN when I try to leave the pits and go back out on track, as soon as I reach the track I get a black flag saying "SUSPENDED" followed by a 10 place grid penalty :mad:

    LOL it's definitely one of the weirder bugs i've seen but its annoying when your trying to go back out and there's not much time life in Q3. The only solution i've found so far is to restart the session but that's very annoying. Anyone else experienced this?
  2. John Robertson

    John Robertson

    haven't heard of this, but I did have a glitch where I selected go to track and my engineer just stood in the pit lane blocking me. never gave me the go ahead to go out despite pit lane being completely empty.

    I paused and selected "return to garage" after about a minute of this and it worked fine from then on.