Released GEESBURG Motorsports Facility

Erwin Greven

retired from this site.
UPDATED version!

The Geesburg track is build as my interpretation of the Race Department Build Off Track version 2.
I have combined Kurt Lehmans RDBO2 track with my version of the RDBO2.

Geesburg became a track that includes an 4 mile oval track and a few road courses.

This is the 7 layout version. It is strongly advisable to delete or to backup the previous released Geesburg Layout 6.

Layout 1: a 3,4km Stadium road course
Layout 2: a 6.7km Speedway Oval.
Layout 3: an 5 km road course outside the Stadium. *Kurt Lehman design.
Layout 4: a 9.9km Roval Stadium road course using the apron and the T3 chicane.
Layout 5: a 9.9km Roval Stadium road course using the speedway part.
Layout 6: a 16+km road course for endurance racing
Layout 7: a 13 km high speed road course!
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