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Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by FerrariFan15, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. FerrariFan15



    For this game I'm using the Genesis Wired Controller P44.

    Sadly I can't manage to pass the tyre management test with the gamepad. To make this problem even worse my tyres reach the 100% wear after just 3 laps -__-.

    So my question for you is: If you use a gamepad on which settings do you have the steering Deadzone, Linearity and Saturation?????????
  2. Philipp Koch

    Philipp Koch

    hmm i dont know how the new games (since 2015 ) are driveable with gamepad...

    i would say out of the blue To raise the Steering Linearity to 30% maybe
    saturation and deadzone would i take 0%

    and when you have problems with gas and brake then you could tweak the linearity and deadzones a lil bit

    only a suggestion :)
  3. Joel Vischer

    Joel Vischer

    F1 2016 is just as good to drive with as previous titles, this year's extra features make it more challenging yes but it's not impossible. I myself drive with a PS4 controller on the PC and have only added 10% to my linearity. For assists I use ABS and automatic gears and drive on Legend AI
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