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G29 no longer calibrating when plugging it to PC

Before today, when I plugged my Logitech G29 in the USB port of my computer (or started up when it was already connected), the wheel would always do a calibrating run, rolling itself two times. Today, when I plugged it in, it did not. And hasn't done it no matter how often I re-plug it.

It seems to "work" in AC so that pedals work and in theory it turns, but because it hasn't been calibrated, the car is turning full left (or right) even when the wheel is physically centered. What's the problem and how to fix it?

FYI: this isn't a first time I had a problem with the same wheel. This is the previous thread:

As per advice in that thread, I'm now running Logitech Gaming software instead of the G HUB.
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There are a few basic things you can check.

Check that the PS3/PS4 switch is still locked in the PS4 position.
If you have access to a multimeter, check to see if the power brick is still good . From memory, I believe it should be giving you 24 volts.

If those seem OK you may have to take a look inside the base and inspect to see if any of the connectors have become detached or there could possibly be a broken wire in the main wire loom if its had many hours of use.

Kimmo Kokkonen

Lord GTR3, His master's voice
You may have this same problem, AC default force with too hard rattle broke my wheel in 2015, I did this fix (see video link below) using Optical Encoder from my old LG wheel, it is just piece of plastic and can break down very easily. It is not so easy to do so if your wheel is old so buy new one, because you may not find new optical encoder so easily.

Logitech G27: Optical Encoder Replacement - YouTube
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Okay, problem solved and I cannot believe I'm this stupid... :O_o:

The power cable was disconnected in the middle. Since the little light on the top was blinking, I didn't think power would be the issue.

Well, at least the fix was easy...