G27 Dim Light

Richard Hill

Original poster
Jun 28, 2011
This is the second problem that i have had with the logitech G27 Wheel!!
On Friday i thought to my self that i will practice for a league race that i had entered that was on Saturday.

When i plugged in my wheel i noticed that it didnt calibrate as it usually does.

I also noticed that the power light is dim as well when it normally is bright.

So i did the usual things like to change the USB slots and nothing changed, checked the power cable was plugged in and it was, updated the drivers and still nothing changed.

So i looked on the internet and people suggested that the power supply could be faulty. So on Saturday morning i went out to find a new power supply and i found a second hand one so i bought it.

Still nothing worked!

So i bought a new one online on Saturday and it was delivered this morning, got home from work and guess what? Still the same.

This product is still under warrenty so i would like to know what would be the next step to try?

Please can some one get back to me as i do miss playing with it!

I have tried to contact Logitech Support but as of yet no response