G27 clutch advice?

I just got a g27 my 1st wheel with a clutch. I've been driving the retro stock's all afternoon but for the life of me cannot figure out the best way to use the clutch. I feel like the game is too forgiving even with auto clutch off when shifting gears especially going up. However, coming back down through the gear box I always lock the rear tires when engaging the clutch into 2nd or 3rd. Any advice on how to stop locking the tires? I feel like I'm starting over again learning to drive these cars.


RaceDepartment Administrator
Try to shift after braking if you are locking up, it is a small time frame tho. I never get the proper feeling for shifting either in the isimotor engines.
I found that heal-toe is required for downshifting if the car will be in over 2-2.5k rpms. This keeps the tires from locking but I am really slow when heal toeing.