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PC2 G25 Settings

Hello. After years of playing Assetto Corsa, I decided to try Project Cars 2. In Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione, i can get a good configuration for force-feedback on my g25 steering wheel.
Can anyone suggest a good setup for the G25 in Project Cars 2?
And another question, should I use the controller damping option in the game setup menu?
Thank you. Miguel
Hi Miguel.
I also have a G25. I use Jack Spade's custom files. They feel much better than the standard ones.
Aside from Jack Spade's recommendations, I also followed this guide:

Get the "alternative mid comp" from Jack Spade, replace it with the custom FFB in your PC2 documents folder.

Open your FFB file and edit this row in your file:
Deadzone Removal as pCARS 1 - deadzone/fall off (output (tighten output 0.12 0.06))

Change the output values too 0.12 0.06.

In game use these FFB settings:
Custom FFB preset
Gain: 100
Volume: 60
Tone: 50
FX: 20
Spring: 10

You might like a heavier FFB then change the volume, if you like more road surface feeling for bumps and kerbs increase the FX. But on the Logitech wheels it's easy to get the rattling effect if you bump it up too high.
Can't remember where I got it from (just copied the instructions) but works great for me.