G25 issue

I know it's an old wheel, but this thing has seen me through many years and I am loath to give up on it!!
I only really play AC and Dirt rally.
And in both games, the same but subtly different issue.
Basically as soon as DR starts from Steam the wheel loses it's centre point and has no resistance from the boot up. On booting up the PC it's fine, but as soon as software starts, it loses this centring feel.
In AC, it happens when I load up a track. It will be fine before then, but as soon as you load a track, a feint click and the spring loses again.
Am thinking the damn thing is just done, never done this before, and haven't used it for a while, would it just stop working for no reason?
Managed to fix it.

After numerous reboots and faffing, simply went into the Logi profiler, made a few changes and that seemed to wake it up!
No idea really why this happened, but it's been ever since! Weird!