G25 brakemod AP electrix

Jan Kops

Hey Racedepartment.
would just like to get more people aware of the G25 loadcell that Andy @ http://www.apelectrix.com/ sales.
it´s a great mod to get your g25/g27 even better. its a real pleasure to race with and u get a better feel for the braking. and can brake later becase u have more controll over the brakes and don´t look the wheels up when braking hard. its cheap and man it´s great.
it´s a dropin mod for the g25/g27 only thing u need to do. is remove the pedals. turn the pedalcase around. remove every screws under the case. and then even the for screws mounted to the caseing for the brakeing. remvoe 2 screws under the pedal and 1 big boult. remove the spring from g25. and save in a good place. like the trash. and then it´s just connect and calibrate . after 3 - 4 laps u starts to get the feeling how to brake. and u will get better laptimes. it´s works great with out any mods. but i can recommend to get a leo g25 pedal controller cable. it´s easyer to get the calibration right with the brakes. and u get higher resolutions.

posetive ++++
Great quality
Easy to install,
Great design.
Andy´s quick responses.

negative ----
Could come with a installation guide with the package. (u find it at the site)
Color. it´s just a look buth would be nice if it was red to blend with the original springtubes.

buth the postive parts of this mod weights alot more than the downsides. it´s just basic things i do think is negative about it. nothing that affect´s the performance.

you could find more about it @ http://www.apelectrix.com/

i got it as a bithday present. and it´s the best present i got in a long time. the only better present was my g25 wheel. so if u like your g25/g27 i would advice u to buy a brake mod from Andy.

that´s about everything i wanted to say.
over and out.

Jan Kops

yep its a great mod and i plan on getting on soon and its even better when used with the leo bodnar usb adaptor :D

yeah i did say that hehe;) just forget to post a link
buth i found out that it´s not alot of people that know about this mod. and more people change wheel becase the brake is crap. when u can just add this sweet mod and get a kickass wheel.

so i just tell my simracing friends out on the net that andy has made a great soluition

Nigel Atkins

There is a buy button now.
nope, it just says.


This is normally where you would be able to order your G25/27 mod.
I need some time to catch up with existing orders so I've removed the PayPal buttons for at least 2 weeks.
As of April,7 2010 new orders will not be taken.
Thanks for your patience!

-Andy Pastore

i emailed him and he said he has no idea when they be back in stock :(

Robin Cook

Been saying that for 2 months, no idea how long before that. :( hopefully there back in before i get my cockpit built.

Mark A Warmington

Mark, please let us know how the Perfect Pedal works out.
Brilliant! Took me about 90 minutes to get used to braking with it: using pressure not ankle angle to increase/decrease brake pressure. Now, I don't think I would ever want to go back to pots.

Trail braking is more consistent. Hitting braking zones is more consistent. I have more control (I think) in the braking zones and therefore am more consistent when exiting and taking speed onto the straights.

I am convinced that I have the potential to be faster than I have ever been, just because I can pick up those last few tenths.
Does anyone know when Andy Pastore plans to restart his business? His solution seems the best bar buying some Fanatec Clubsports, which is a good bit more expensive.

Abdul Al-Amry

2011 RD Indy 500 Winner
Does anyone know when Andy Pastore plans to restart his business? His solution seems the best bar buying some Fanatec Clubsports, which is a good bit more expensive.
I even went to Ebay hoping to see one for sale. We need to know if he has gone burst or a confirmation when the sale will start. Or its Fanatec Clubsports after a few more months saving :)

Mark A Warmington

Yep - my trusty G25 has been transformed by my load cell. I thought all the hype about a load cell was, well... hype. But - I am now a paid up member of the choir.
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