Full tutorial how instal BTB Pro on Win-7

Hy all. I have a question, how install BTB pro on win-7, 64 bt system... I must to change my old Win XP in my work. And I dont know how to do that. And scare to lose license for 2 month if do something wrong...
Can any body write little tutorial" How to... step by step


I think you do not need a step by step installation... I'm running Seven64 since the release without any problem (I also wrote time ago about the betatesting of BTB and the new license...). The current license system runs well and I confirm I never had any problem.
My personal advice is only to choose the shortest expiration date for license (1 mounth), but you'll need to do it after the 30 days trial... because of there is no way to update from XP to Seven (onle the price of OS is an update!).
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