FSR World Trophy season 2010 top 10 driver review so far

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Reece Christofer

I have been watching the broadcast since the very first race and following the championship in the world trophy division as i would like to compete here in 2010.
I have been very happy to see the level of driving at the top of the board, there have been some very unsavoury moves along the way also...but on the whole a very good group of racers.
I have been looking at individules throughout the season of 2010 and below i have done a write up of drivers as i feel they deserve a good mention on there efforts.(if anyone is offended by my posts about the drivers it was not my intention)

Pedro Melim:

A force to be rekoned with in the world trophy division, Racking up the most race wins of the season so far with 7. Pedro has shown that quallifying is not his strongest point as a driver, But for me pedro is one of the smartest drivers managing to calculate when to push and when to save engine and tyres. Being clean and super consistant in race conditions is pedro's strong points.

Ivan Kaloyanov:

Started the 2010 season meaning business by getting pole position on the opening round and got 3rd in the race. Ivan also won the European grandprix, Some say it was because there was disconnections from others which helped matters, However ivan showed in that race that he is best of the rest and his 2nd spot in the championship is not due to luck!

Allar Foht:

Shame Allar has not raced all races so far this season as he has shown raw pace and winning ways in world trophy 2010.
Always going to be one to watch when he is on the starting grid.

Emre Uysal:

Emre started the season very strong with top 3 positions and scoring very strong points which stands him 4th in the championship.
As the season has progressed Emre's form as shifted slightly from being top 3 points scorer to a more average show of points, some being dnf's and some being due to early contacts.
Emre is still in the hunt for a podium in the drivers tittle battle.

Muhammed Patel:

Moved up a series was fun to watch.

Martin Gosbee:

Started the season as a top 12 driver, Had some troubles in the early laps with contacts in the early start of the season, Raised his game near the close of the summer break with good finishes p2 in European grandprix. Its always some excitment for me to watch the grandprix of broadcast as i never know which team martin will be driving in for the race as i believe he has had 6 teams this season so far?. Will be intresting to see how he progresses with yet another new team.

Ajibola Lawal:

Similar to Allar with not racing all the races and also being a race winner at Canada.
Lawal is a driver to watch in tough battles with his aggressive style but also is consistant with top 5 finishes.

Ben Phillips:

Not a very strong Quallifying performer, Very exciting to watch in the race as Ben always gets away clean off the start and manages to make up a few places into turn 1.
A few of the best races to watch in world trophy 2010 has had Ben right in the middle of battles with very very fair and clean fighting. Some good battles with Aalberts in Istanbul, Gosbee in Canada along with Nilsson, Also in the European Gp Gosbee and Phillips go wheel to wheel intil a disconnection holted progress from a p3 position.

Eduard Mallorqui:

Eduard is another strong and fast driver securing good positions early in the season, Eduard has had some bad luck in races which has cost him some very strong results.
Always shows good pace with quallyfying. Eduard is a very clean racer and a joy to watch on the broadcasts.

Kjell-Einar Svendson:

Kjell has not raced all races, In quallyfying he is generally outside of the top 6 but he shows great race craft in the races to obtain the top 6-8 status.
Shows he is a very patient racer namely monaco being stuck behind phillips who had worn tyres and Kjell was much faster near the end of the race but could not find a clean way past.
Looking forward to seeing more from Kjell in the next races.

Thats the top ten round up complete.
Im sure there will be more names up into the top 10 come the end of season for me to re write the close of the season report.

Hope you enjoyed the reading.

Reece Christofer

Wow maybe i should write more stuff about the world trophy! How about i pick a driver of my choice before a gp and do a driver profile for that gp?!
I would write the report the weekend of the gp and maybe contact the driver i choose to add some insight to his profile for the said gp!.

What do you guys think?.
That would be great Reece.. As WT being the lowest of the divisions it doesnt get as much attention as WS and WC. I would deffo be up for that.
Nice Review Reece.

Wow maybe i should write more stuff about the world trophy! How about i pick a driver of my choice before a gp and do a driver profile for that gp?!
I would write the report the weekend of the gp and maybe contact the driver i choose to add some insight to his profile for the said gp!.

What do you guys think?.
Thats a good idea, more articles regarding World Trophy would be good, we are lacking that alot since the beggining of the year, contact admins regarding this matter, i think its a good idea and they would let u do it m8.
Keep it up :p
Great stuff, highly appreciated! Keep up the good work. The more writing the better in my opinion. Great initiative!
Good race report! LOL about Gosbee the phantom team changer!!!!!
Very good idea, Its nice to be mentioned down here in world trophy!:)
when he switch team again i will kill him and crash him of track every race. He can not change again :)

ps nice work Reece.
Well that for sure was Gosbee his last change of this season, now its time to start winning races for GS. :)

Good read Reece, would be cool if you could write some more WT stuff, it for sure doesn't get enough atention as the other categories. I also dont agree that in general WT provides bad racing, i think there are many talented racers in WT who know how to race. But you always keep having the less talented drivers that makes mistakes this is just part of it and we gotta live with it, they shouldn't compare us with WC or something, those are actualy robots :) Anyway i think in general the WT provides some nice racing overall.
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