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F'S vision racer chair with full fanatec gear

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rob Jones, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Rob Jones

    Rob Jones

    by MR BLACK - Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:17 am


    Selling my vision racer racing chair complete with top of the range fanatec csr elite steering wheel and club sport pedals.
    This is a fantastic racing set up as used by actual proffesional drivers for track practice.
    The vision racer is made of polished stainless steel and I have had the seat trimmed in BMW leather with a lumbar support bag as used in the lotus Elise seat.
    I had new stainless seat adjusted made as they are usually plastic and snap.

    It comes with the tv and console stand which I don't use as I have a 32" led tv on the wall. (Samsung)

    Under the seat I have fitted 2 silent sub units and amplifier to simulate the feeling of going over kerbs and damaging the car. Very rare and hard to get hold of.
    There is a lead that comes from my Sony 5.1 htis100 unit.
    The 5.1 is again very hard to get hold of and gives fantastic clear powerful sound when racing you hear everything cars coming up behind you and all the engine noise it's fantastic.

    http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/produc ... ifications

    Now for the fanatec wheel and pedals.
    These are top of the range and still under warranty.
    The wheels is very very realistic and powerful on the high settings it can be ripped out of your hands if you hit a kerb or another car.

    The wheel has paddle shift of full auto everything is adjustable it vibrates through the rim when you lock the brakes.
    http://eu.fanatec.com/Forza Motorspor ... Wheel%20EU

    The pedals are the best made if 100%aluminium.
    A very realistic feel just like a car all totally adjustable. Again vibration through the pedal when locking brakes.
    I have made a large pedal that goes over the clutch pedal to give me a bigger braking area as I only race F1 with paddle shift.
    Mine are v1 pedals but hardly any difference from v2 link.
    http://eu.fanatec.com/Pedals/ClubSport% ... %20V2%20EU

    This is one fantastic system that took a while to get it as it is now all 1 year old only used by an adult and probably once a week for the f1 online race.

    This is a pick up only item and can be seen working before its collected.
    If you need any more info or pics just ask.
    I am open to sensible offers as its cost over £2500

    I'm keeping the Xbox and Tv

    Happy bidding
    Advertised elsewhere so could go off anytime.

    All original boxes and manuals included for the wheel and pedals inc.