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Frequently Asked Questions

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Feb 25, 2008
I know, its a bit odd showing you before we have the game but why not :D

Q: Does GTR Evolution support DX7 and DX8 graphics cards?
A: No, GTR Evolution only supports DX9 compatible graphics cards.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the internet in order to play GTR Evolution?
A: No, GTR Evolution will have the option of choosing between an offline and online version when the
player installs the game. The offline version will feature Securom protection, the
player will not be able to join in online multiplayer races with this version.
The online version requires Steam to be installed.
Q: What operating systems GTR Evolution support?
A: GTR Evolution fully supports Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional, GTR Evolution may run under other operating systems but this is not supported and can therefore result in reduced performance and even game failures.

Q: I want to move my Steam installation to a different disk or computer, how can I do this?
A: This and many other Steam related questions are answered by Steam support.

Q: I am having performance issues
A: Please make sure that the hardware used to play the game meets the minimum requirements stated on the back of the game cover, if your hardware meets the minimum requirements need to run the game and you still have performance issues you should try to lower the graphical settings.
Go to options->Visual Settings and change the General Detail setting to low, test the game to if performance has improved, if yes, you can try to go up one level on the General Detail setting, continue to increase General Detail level until you feel performance hits.
Important to note that a full field of cars takes more performance from your hardware than having one car on track in Practice Mode.

Q: Where do I see the hardware requirements of the game if I have downloaded the game from Steam?
A: http://www.gtr-evolution.com/support.htm

Q: What Graphical setting have the greatest impact on performance
A: Shadows and Draw Distance settings both have a great impact on how the game performs, so these two values should adjusted to a lower setting should you experience performance hits during game play.

Q: How do I access the configuration program in Steam version?
A: Right click on RACE07 in the “my games” list within Steam. Select and left click on “RACE07 Video and Languages Options”

Q: Is there anyway to make sure Steam installed GTR Evolution properly?
A: Right click on RACE07 in the “my games” list within Steam. Select and left click on “Properties”. Now click on the “Local Files Tab” and left click on “verify integrity of game cache...”

Q: Space on my C: Drive is dropping day by day after having installed RACE07, what is wrong?
A: You have the Timestamp Replays option enabled, this will cause the game to save a replay of every race or additional race event you do in the game, these are stored in your replay folder witch is located in the GTR Evolution directory (default location) C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\SteamApps\UserName\GTR Evolution\REPLAYDATA
Replays can be deleted from within the Replay Theatre or by deleting them manually in the Replay folder. You can turn off Time stamped replays by going to Options-> Game Settings and then choose Off for Timestamp Replays.

Q: What ports is needed to host GTR Evolution on the internet?
A: TCP+UDP 48942 – 48957 and UDP 26900-26907

Q: I am on a firewall protected LAN network and want to a GTR Evolution server for other users of the same LAN network, what ports do I need to open?
A: TCP+UDP 48942 - 48957 and UDP 48958-48973

Q: Why will my car not go more than 60 km/h (approximately 37 MPH)?
A: Turn off the pit speed limiter, default mapping L on keyboard.

Q: I have a hard time hearing my own cars engine sound while driving close to other cars?
A: Go to options->Audio Settings and adjust other car volume to a level that suits your preference.

Q: I can't hear when I am locking up my tires under braking ?
A: Turn up the volume of the tire skidding sound until you reach a level that allows you to hear it easily, note that Tire Scrub, Skid and Road Noise volumes can be adjusted to values between 0 and 100%

Q: How does the pitstops work?
A: Pitstops are reworked, you can plan strategy before the race and also make changes during the race while on track.

Q: I'm going into pits, the pitmenu pops up, what now?
A: If you had preset and are happy with the actions marked with green colour, just push the button mapped for "menu select" to confirm actions. If you didn't have preset you have to do the changes you want manually, very important is that only the actions marked with green colour will be performed.

Q: How can I know what damaged parts needs fixing?
A: The pitmenu is usefull with this too, damaged parts are marked with red colour in the pitmenu.

Q: I received stop/go penalty but fuel is running out, can the penalty be served later?
A: Yes, there is "postpone stop/go" option in the pitmenu, confirm this and you can perform normal pitstop instead of stop/go. Remember that the stop/go must be served inside 3 laps you got it, otherwise you will be black flagged.

Q: I dont have control of the car in pitlane, why is that?
A: There is autopit on/off option in main menu game settings, and in garage realism settings. This is enabled by default and its active in all the sessions including offline practice. You can disable it and have full control off the car in the pitlane.

Q: What are pitmenu presets for?
A: With presets you can decide how much fuel you want, change tires or not, fix damage or not before the race. Presets are class specified so you can use saved presets with all the cars in the same class.

Q: Why does the pitmenu have "pit in request" instead of "confirm" button when called while on track?
A: This is usefull option to give the pits a heads up you are about to come in, confirm the request and you will see "pit in" icon. Requested pitstops are also slighty faster compared to unrequested stops.

Q: Is the fuel amount chosen in preset/pitmenu added to the tank or the amount you have left in tank after the stop?
A: The amount chosen will be added to what was in tank before enterting pits.

Q: Ghost car is good learning tool, how about the raceline?
A: Time Attack now includes raceline besides ghost car which shows all the inputs with different colours. Additionally the raceline has brake gates to show exactly where the driven ghost applied brakes.
What makes the improved Time Attack even more usefull is the possiblity to run 2 different ghosts and racelines, your own and loaded can be enabled at the same time. Ghosts and racelines can be mixed so it's possible to have own ghost and loaded raceline visible for example.

Q: How come my saved replays are not playing any tire sounds?
A: By setting replays to "full" quality, tire sounds and many more sounds are played in replay. This only works with replays recorded with "full" setting, replays recorded with lower levers will play sounds based on the recording level. (Go to options-->Game settings-->set "Replay quality" to full. Keep in mind this option results bigger replays in filesize.