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my winzip trial ran out and it won't let me get another one. I don't want to buy winzip because it's too expensive. I found a free download of winzip on a site called and not so sure if i should download it. It says winzip all over the site but not so sure if it is powered by winzip or if it is really winzip and doesn't give you a virus. Please help me soon so i can start downloading things again that i need,
also you can use winrar as trail for ever as it do not stop working like zip but ask you to buy it wich you can decline
but right 7z is best as it can handel most of the arcive files like Dave sayed
wow i had 7 zip since august and never knew how to use it. Reason i used winzip because i figured out how to extract things on winzip. Thanks for help.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
its integrated into windows shell for me. just right click your file and click 'unzip to' in the 7zip menu. If its not there reinstall and be sure to check 'integreate into shell/explorer'

7-Zip will do pretty much everything Winzip will do, uninstall Winzip and then run 7-zip if you still have it installed, go to Tools > Options and select all file types to associate these with 7-Zip, then go to 7-Zip tab and tick Intergrate 7-Zip to the Shell and tick Cascaded context Menu (if you prefer not to have cascaded Shell menus then untick this one), you can leave most other stuff on default.

You should find whatever you did in Winzip you can now do with 7-Zip, i.e opening zips, creating zips, clicking and dragging to "unzip here" etc.


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