Free GTR2 Online Code For Every One

Wayne Reed

Hi all i have some news for you all if you did not know this you can now get a free licence for GTR2 here so if you would like to take part in our club events and do not have a copy of GTR2 now you can get one for this grate game.

Thanks to Paul Herman for finding this info :)

David Wright

These are on-line keys for copies of GTR2 included on Computerbild's magazine cover DVD. They are not a "free license" to the best of my knowledge, and you would need a pirate copy of GTR2 in order to use the on-line key.

J-F Chardon

SimBin Studios
You can still find the game easily in a legal way.

Or just buy Bild magazine and get the cd... legally, and then get a key without feeling bad.

I have a problem. I have the online key from my friend when I lend the game from him. I have my own copy now but forgot the reinstall the game. can I change the key somewhere very fast ?
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