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Misc Freak Weather Events 1.0

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chessmaster02 submitted a new resource:

Freak Weather Events - Makes Freak Weather possible

This mod increases the chance of Rain and other freak weather events occurring. The changes are:
Rain can happen on any setting including a .05 chance of it happening in Sunny Conditions.
It can rain at the start in any type of weather setting.
The threat level of rain is increased slightly
The temperature can reach a sweltering 60 degrees every now and then
Humidity levels can be 3x higher
The max windspeed is now 500 (I believe Miles an hour)
The minimum humidity has been slightly increased...

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It does. I used this mod and it is really fun. I had a race at monaco where there was rain at the start, then dry, then intermediate conditions, then wet. It was crazY!
in gp mode?

i have changed these values alot in the past and since 2012 it seems to be controlled elsewhere. i can get them to work again by changing the tod.dat file in each track folder with the 2012 one but that completely messes the graphics up.
Yeah that's right. It works and you then see how scripted the weather is for 2013 and 2014. Just wish I could fix graphics as it makes races so much more interesting