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Freak Weather Events 1.0

Makes Freak Weather possible

  1. chessmaster02
    This mod increases the chance of Rain and other freak weather events occurring. The changes are:
    Rain can happen on any setting including a .05 chance of it happening in Sunny Conditions.
    It can rain at the start in any type of weather setting.
    The threat level of rain is increased slightly
    The temperature can reach a sweltering 60 degrees every now and then
    Humidity levels can be 3x higher
    The max windspeed is now 500 (I believe Miles an hour)
    The minimum humidity has been slightly increased
    rain chance is increased
    Sun Chance has been added to heavy rain
    The intensity of the sun or rain is now 5x higher
    No changes to online mode

    By chessmaster02
    Install by copying database to your database folder and overwrite

    Photos soon

Recent Reviews

  1. bboyzyf
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks´╝üI've waited so long to this mod.let me try it.
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