Forum loads slowly

i use FF 3.6 and tryed ie8 too, all forums like Nogrip, RTR or other sites work just fine only RD not
if i click on thread most of the time nothing happens or i get a meassage that the server reseted
my request i have to click up to 6 times on a link till i finaly get into the thread as all other sites
work just fine it could be the Rd server could you guys have a look at it plz

Eric. K

humm.... please try to clear your browser cache. Nothing on the forum has changed in the past few days. My little "mixed up" had nothing to do with forum configuration.
i was too scratching my head too cuz everything else worked flawless and the usual things like clearing cache, resetting router
or resetting modem did not helped

Bram Hengeveld

I have the same already all week when I log on from work, but thought it was just me. Will have a look tomorrow. Thanks Michael!!!

Omer Said

I was saying to myself " Woah! just as i pressed to POST QUICK REPLY button, it posted the reply in 0.001 seconds.

Much faster imo :thumb:
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