Formula V12 causing Autombilista to lock up


Original poster
May 19, 2018
While testing all the different mods to troubleshoot my gear issue in Formula Classic, I found that every time I selected Formula V12, it would take to to the screen where you choose the specific car and track, and then totally lock up. And when I say totally, I mean totally. You cannot ALT Tab out, as it returns directly to the same screen. CTRL ALT DEL also does the same, as while it shows the blue screen with options including task manager, when you click on it it goes back to the automobilista screen.

The only way out is a hard shutdown of the PC. I tried it 15 or 20 times yesterday, same every time. All the other mods work fine, including unofficial ones so it must be a glitch somewhere with that mod.

Has anyone else seen this, or had a similar issue with one of the other mods?



Dann Murillo

Mar 1, 2010
Hmm I have never seen any issue with the V12. I have organized 2 online championships with this car and none of my drivers have ever had this problem. Maybe delete the car and verify the game files?




Jun 19, 2017
Hello mate I dont want to send you on the wrong path , but i know in the past i had a problem with a mod which every time i ran it, it caused a game lock up that was only cured by deleting the Ligier team/car from the mod it cured the problem and it ran fine. Problem is i cant remember what mod it was. sorry if this is no help but thought i would mention it