Formula E Now Has World Championship Status

The all-electric FIA Formula E category will become a designated full World Championship series from the 2020/21 season, after the governing body of motorsport upgraded the championship classification on Tuesday.

Already into its sixth season of competition, and now enjoying the prestige of such brands as Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan and BMW vying for the drivers and constructors titles, from the start of next season Formula E will be a fully fledged FIA 'World Championship' category - adding further weight to rapidly growing electric powered open wheel championship.

“It was always our ambition to one day become an FIA world championship" said Founder & Chairman of Formula E Alejandro Agag​

"Everything we have done and delivered to this point has been working towards this particular moment in time. Achieving the feat and being granted with world championship status adds more credibility to what is already a fully-fledged formula of racing and a spectacular sporting product".
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With the new status comes another opportunity for professional racing drivers to secure the much desired title of World Champion from next season, opening up the potential for more of the sports up and coming and established names to participate in the series in future years - adding to what is quickly becoming a very solid list of drivers who have raced in Formula E since its debut year back in 2014.

From the start of next season, Formula E will be officially called the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

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i thought it was already, no reason for it not to be

i might personally not care for it but it should lways have had that status

now the electric rally cross on the other hand looks utterly bonkers and exciting



Durge Driven

I got to agree sounds no different to climate change denial

One day trucks and trains will have re-gen on every axle even inside wheels and with better retardation then a jacobs "jake" brake :coffee:

Jeremy Talbot

SpeedyMite Racing
I'm guessing a lot of you haven't actually watched a race. Yes they may not sound the greatest and the tracks are a bit narrow etc but the actual racing is really very good. Its much closer than f1 where its really a race to see whether Hamilton or Bottas will win.

Things will only improve as time goes on :)

Dirk Steffen

Porsche Factory Jackass™
I have not managed to sit through an entire FE event thus far - the current formula simply does not interest me enough to watch a race but so did I also stopped paying any attention to F1 from sometime around early 2018 to be fair while sitting through 12 and 24h endurance GT races biting my fingernails).

I am still involved in the automotive industry as of my work and I know that electrification in personal transport is inevitable and makes sense until more energy efficient technologies are ready for wide adoption.

What needs to happen to FE to make it appealing to people like me is:

Throw away the pot-ugly open wheeler car design and move to a production car based formula - I want to see Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, Tesla, BMW, Cadillac, Toyota, ... compete in these races

Stop the car and battery swapping and write the rule book around a longer race formula (full GP length or even something like 2+ hours) and force teams to fast charge the cars.

When in a 2 hour race each team is spending 30 - 45 minutes charging in total on a limited number of charging pods (i.e. only half the charging pods available for number of cars and maximum charging time per stop regulated to something palatable for live streaming like max 5 minutes) an interesting race can still be had as charging will be part of the strategy to win races just as it did in GP racing and endurance racing for such a long time.

The drive to more efficient batteries and faster charging will push forward one of the currently biggest challenges to move EVs into wide spread practical application in development in the industry.
We will therefore clearly see the same technology transfer from racing to road that has made F1 so relevant for years.

As much as I myself love the era of amazing engine sounds and incredible engineering (nothing like a NA flat six racing engine or a V12 F1 engine or a nasty, American V8 racing engine or a howling, turbo charged in line 5 racing engine) the move to electric vehicles and then to most likely hydrogen is inevitable and denying it is delusional at this point.

We might as well make it into something we like better than the current soulless FE formula - no I wont be watching FE in 2020 either - I will be following WEC, Blancpain, IGTC, IMSA and I will definitely stick glued to a big screen, live streaming the big races as Le Mans, Spa, Nordschleife, Bathurst, Daytona, Sebring, ...


I looked up that webpage which you linked. I don't know who made it, but he clearly doesn't know what is he talking about regarding to any subjects. There are also no citations anywhere.
I agree with you. it took me all of 10 minutes to find multiple, credible sources for generator thermal efficiency, power line transmission losses, and electric motor efficiency. The dude is dead wrong and his logic is crap
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